Monday, July 28, 2014

Hi, I Like to Squat + 3 Photos

I have been doing a self imposed squat challenge
(I have gone from 30 every day to 45 every day *woot!* with my goal being 100 every day)
and I have discovered
That I like to squat
No, I LOVE to squat

I want a big butt and I cannot lie
(big like that girl^^, not wide and flat like the one I currently have)
I can feel all my muscles working
And I love how strong I feel --
Until, I'm done
Then I love how noodly my legs feel

And the intense ache the next day
Until I do the squats again and stretch out the muscle
It is a rejuvenating feeling
Now I just hope it helps the circulation and swelling in my ankle
One can hope

Onward . . . 



One of anything

Mr. Pierce does not understand the concept of personal space
And so while Breezy slowly slid off the couch
he decided that would be the perfect time 
to make her chest his new nap space

Photographic evidence #2 
of the aforementioned

One I took
(who am I kidding? I take every photo I post because no one else in my family is as photo obsessed as me)

This is my most favorite-ist-er-ist picture I have ever taken
Other photos from that day


One of Me aka a 'Selfie'
(it didn't specify that it had to be a selfie from today so I'll do one from May and one - or two - from today)

Drivin' Sassy to one of her last days of school in May

Tonight, with smeared raccoon makeup and tired red eyes
Sittin' here thinking that it's 1am and I need to go to bed
and not taking selfies alone in the dark(ish-ness) like a dork

So, g'night
or g'mornin'
or somethin'


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