Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Love Me

I Love Me Tuesday

// I love my imagination and all the places it takes me to and the journeys it takes me on. (although it usually leaves me dangling in the middle of most journeys but that's beside the point) I always say if for any reason I was left with no one and nothing I might not go completely crazy because I would have all my book characters in my mind to keep me company . . . then again, maybe that means I'm already completely crazy?

// Though many tease me for 'talking too much' or 'using words too big for normal people' I love my ability to articulate mostly anything into verbal or written word. Mostly written because when I talk I stumble and sometimes stutter but if I feel confident - and not nervous, I can speak just as well as I can write.

// I love that I can see humor, beauty and/or the silver lining in most things. Don't get me wrong. I obviously have my fair share of woe is me and pity party and 'I'm just gonna die' type days . . .  as documented in this blog. But for the most part I can find the good in most situations especially since my God is in all my situations and He is inherently good. Always.

// I love that I am opinionated and know what I like and what I don't like. That I know what is right and what is wrong. What is good and what is bad. I love that I am not a wishy washy, every shade of gray type person. I am generally black or white on any given topic. Of course, like all things there are exception but, as a rule I pretty much know distinctly how I feel about most things.

// I love that I am technologically savvy. When I was around 11 and computers and AOL and dial up modems were the common technology I would seriously mess around with the computer all day long to see how it worked and what made it do certain things. Because of my fearlessness when it came to trial and error with technology I can now fix almost any software or external hardware issue that arises with desktops, laptops, tablets and cellular phones.

Other things I love about me:
Let me count the ways

Nah, Just kidding
Happy Tuesday 


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