Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's the Hard Blog Life

Is blogging hard?

^^ that is the question ^^

I would venture to say that yes, blogging is hard for me for three reasons.

#1. No one understands being a blogger or the blogosphere/blogland like another blogger. I can talk about blogging and the immense community, and the friendships and bonds that are formed or how awesome it is to have X amount of hits every day or to get lots of feedback (ie comments) on a post. But if I happen to be talking to someone who has never blogged or read a blog a day in their life, they are going to look at me with this blank expression and nod stupidly. OR they are going to shake their heads emphatically and say that 'people put too much out there' and 'nothing is sacred anymore' or my favorite, 'what ever happened to meeting people in real life?'. There is literally no way to make them understand the connections people can make online through blogging. It is essentially pointless to try.

#2. I don't like keeping secrets, especially from my family and friends. BUT I feel like if I keep my blog completely uncensored that I have to because honestly, you can't keep everything uncensored from everyone. That would make for some seriously bitter, angry, sad feelings flying around. So, I have 2 options. Censor it to appease the audience and allow everyone and my their mother access OR keep it uncensored and do my damnedest to make sure no one who I love and that might get offended will read it. So, in the first scenario I am not being completely truthful with my blog audience and in the second scenario I am essentially hiding a portion of my life from people I love. WELL CRAP. Also, see #1.

#3. It takes away from my new found Breaking Bad addiction real life time spent in the real live world. If you don't get off your butt and away from the computer for a while, how could you possibly have anything interesting to blog about. On the flip side, since I'm a stay at home mom and it's summer, the highlight of my day is sneaking away and satiating my new found addiction to Breaking Bad going to the bathroom by myself -- so there really isn't a whole heck of a lot of 'real life' to be living. Oh sure, we go outside to play/chalk/destroy Nana's garden admire the garden. We go on movie outings and out to eat and we pay the freaking outrageous prices to go to indoor play parks all the time and then less frequently we go to outdoor parks for free . . . (yeah, my logic astounds me too) but the life I need to get away to, to have something interesting to blog about, isn't there and so I sit here, on my butt thinking about blog posts to write and reading other people's blogs thinking I should be out doing something . . . BUT THERE JUST ISN'T ANYTHING TO DOO!! #endrant

In the end, the truth is, it isn't really HARD to blog
It just isn't easy either

My brain hurts
I'm going to go watch Breaking Bad now

New favorite line,


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