Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let's Talk Grey for a Moment

*Post is rated R for sexual content

As in, Fifty Shades of Grey
I don't care how crappy the writing was
Or how plagiarized from a porn movie the sex scenes were
And when I saw that the movie is coming out
Valentines Day 2015
I might have peed my pants a bit
Or something

My single self will be hi-tailing it to Cinetopia 
Getting my popcorn and diet coke on 
to watch the MAGIC from the 21+ skybox!
(if you have never been and you live near a Cinetopia
you MUST go see a movie in the skybox seating area
It is on the upper level with limited seating, only for adults 21+
where you are served food and *adult* beverages of your choice
and no squeaky squawky teens to ruin the viewing experience)

I DO have to admit that I am not impressed 
with the chosen actors


I think they could have done better
I truly hope I am not disappointed 
and that they didn't turn a good story 
into a raunch fest porn sesh 
available in public theaters

I hope instead they used the actors talents
to portray the story that lived underneath all the porn-esque
sex scenes

Did I mention I am one of millions of women who want a Christian Grey

So, who else will be seeing the movie also?
We could have a blogging Fifty Shades 
after . . . 

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