Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Mind is Melting . . .

I have had something on my mind for a while

What the eff is the obsession with mine craft people? 

Okay, I have just been corrected by my six year old. It is not 'Mine Craft' it is 'Minecraft' . . . 'SCUSE ME! That being said, my 13 year old cousin plays it on her - welp, I'm not sure what game console she has - but she plays it! My girls play it on their iPads. I have friends whose husbands and children alike play it on their respective game consoles, tablets, phones and computers. Heck, my 9 year old cousin just had a Minecraft themed birthday party! His cake literally looked exactly like the photo below!

Someone please tell me the draw! 

It's like a bunch of squares, err, blocks that you randomly stack on one another to make houses, buildings, waterfalls etc. 

Then there are random livestock that moo and bahh and cluck and oink and seriously creep the shit out of me with their opposite facing eyes and square bodies. 

There are also these random creepy villain guys. Do they even serve a purpose other than setting random stuff on fire? 

And speaking of setting things on fire, you know what sucks? You spend all the time to figure out how to build your stupid box-like-structures only to have it all KILLED WITH FIRE. Like no shizz, my kid's built this awesome sauce house and then it was randomly destroyed by lava! What the heck?!?!

So can someone help me out here? 
What is the draw to mine craft? 
And more over, what is the point of it anyway?

On that note 
I think every time I have a 'Brain Melting' kinda day
Where something is
Something astronimically
happened to me
I am going to use this button:

Grab button for The Miscellaneous Mom
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And put a link-up below in case you want to share 
your Brain Melting Day or Situation as well

1 comment :

  1. It's addictive. LOL You can hunt, gather, build, make your own world... it's just an escape. Like reading. I enjoy it, actually! :D


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