Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Overhauling and Shizz

Yesterday I overhauled

Ok, that is totally exaggerating
But I did overhaul my entire apartment
It went from a HOT MESS

to a fairly organized
much more tidy
much less cluttered
space that I am actually enjoying myself in now

Front room
Done and Beautimous if I do say so myself

It's funny how in the moment of moving furniture and lifting heavy shizz
You don't notice how much you are using your muscles
But come the next morning
I could barely hobble from bed to the bathroom this morning
And when I reached up into the pantry for a cup
I thought my triceps might burst through the skin of my arms
((graphic enough?))
Even as I sit here typing
my forearms ache with the movement of my fingers
and I am seriously contemplating a vicodin some advil
'Cuz that should help

Okay, so moving on ...
I have also overhauled
(as of the last hour)
I have a serious love/hate relationship with technology
Blogger to Twitter
Twitter to Facebook
Blogger to Facebook
Facebook to Twitter
and on and on and on and on ... indefinitely
are they all linked properly?
Hmm, IDK
God forbid I accidentally link my personal Facebook page
to any of this social media stuff
I would DIE
A.Million.(and a half).Deaths

Now that they are all (hopefully) linked
I need to figure out how to permanently watermark my photos
And simultaneously get them here from my phone more efficiently
Because right now I have to e-mail them to myself 
Save them to my computer 
And then add them in 
Which is seriously a big ol' pain in the buns

It's hotter than eff outside

And not just hot but muggy 
I swear I'm bathing in my own sweat 
kinda hot
Thank God and technology and the previous owners of this house
for installing central air
because otherwise right about now
I would be lying flat out on the floor
in a puddle of yuck

. . . and on that note
BTW (as my girls are screaming at each other right now)
I swear, I cannot tell when they are playing anymore
or when they are seriously angry with each other
and fighting
I am always getting all over their cases 
because I think they are being very rude 
or mean 
or hurting one another
and I get the hands on the hips and the disgusted,
"Mooooommmm!!! We.Are.Puhhhlaaaay-ING!!"
But of course the one time I assume they're playing
They are actually fighting
and it turns into a knock down drag out brawl
and I have to thump myself on the forehead 
because I knew better
and never should have let it go so far

Some friends and family have actually asked me,
"why don't you just let them duke it out?"
and my response is, 
"You are obviously not a parent of two prissy girls."
They think they're all tough as nails
But god forbid one of them gets their hair pulled
or a cut
or a bruise
or gets an upper cut to the jaw
or gets laid on
or any other number of non fatal but god-awful injuries
the waterworks burst forth and suddenly it's 
And SHEEEEE did it to me!!
My reality right there above - in words


I follow a crap ton of blogs
Mommy blogs
Weight Loss blogs
Fitness blogs
Foodie blogs
Religious Blogs
Political Blogs
Humor blogs
Train Wreck blogs (like my own)
That being said

If you want me to follow you send me a message

I have had a realization
I am real
I don't write for other people
I think I have in the past and that's fine
But where I am right now in my life
I am writing for me
Of course, no one blogs publicly
without craving some readership attention
But in this blog you will find
some good, some bad, some ugly, & some fat
(both figuratively and literally)
I don't always post pictures of myself with makeup
I don't always keep my eyebrows waxed or plucked

I don't always post pictures of myself with my hair did done
(I just can't say it wrong - I am the grammar police)
You can often see gray in my hair because I don't color it often
I look tired and fatigued with bags under my eyes
I don't have hair/makeup/clothes tutorials
I don't sell scentsy or etsy or betsy or betty boop
My house is sometimes clean and more often than not
a clutter duck from you know where
Sometimes I feel like I could write a novel
and I do
Sometimes I have a lot to say
And it ISN'T interesting
Sometimes I only have one thing to say
and it ISN'T interesting
But the truth is
I keep it real
. . .
And in keeping it real
I need to go make sure my children aren't playing in the cat litter

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  1. I like your blog. That's why I keep going along. I don't need you to write for me... I write for me! So keep doing what you're doing and if you want to follow my blog, follow along! Searching for... Jewlz. :) You may have it or not... I'm not sure. But here's the link.

  2. Haha, I'm with you on not always taking pics with makeup- I hardly ever wear makeup because I forget I'm wearing it and then rub my face or eyes and ruin it anyway. And with eyebrows getting done- obviously they look better done, but I sometimes just let them grow. Whatevs. I love that you keep it real!

  3. I agree with the technology stuff, I never know if it works so I have to log on and check all of them.. feels like double the work... lol


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