Monday, July 7, 2014

Photo Shoot FAIL & Super Random Keyword Search

I was supposed to do a photo shoot today of my girls and my cousin
But it kinda sorta got cancelled
Grrr! Gah!
I took my girls to the location anyway
To scope out where some good lighting would be
For the next time it was scheduled
Which as of right now is the day after tomorrow
(ahem, we shall see)
And to take some photos of
They were completely uncooperative however
And it was HOTTT
Sooooo HOTTT
Like my camera lens was sweating it was so hot
So my shots were sub-par at VERY best
I was bummed
And sweaty
Like my lens only worse
And sticky
So sticky
And ready to come home to my air conditioned house

After I edited the photos and posted them to Instagram and Facebook
Because even crappy pictures belong on social media
I came to my computer 
to eagerly see who was stalking me
to check my blog 
for comments
and stats
and numbers
and of course
to stalk new people by stalking people I already stalk
to find new blogs to follow
I was reading the Keywords Search people used to find my blog
And was amused to find these gems

"awesome quotes on negligence"

ummm, ok

"Matt Bomer Penis ring"

Ok, I might have thought about Matt Bomer 'like that'
But the man is gay
and the idea of a penis ring just really hurts my nether regions

"blowtorch to kill a spider"

Yep, I remember that post HERE

And my favorite because it is the most disturbing

"v jewls your a whore"

How the heckle and jeckyl did someone find my blog using THAT?
Come on google, I'd like to know!

And lastly, because FB is LAME and won't let me post them
I will share the cutest .gifs I found
If you didn't know before
I warn you now

Thas all folks!


  1. My sign in is Jewlz... so maybe that's what that was about. Otherwise, I got nada. Now I want to go see what my key words are!

  2. omg - I hope that it has NOTHING to do with you!! And I'm sorry if what I wrote offended you. :( It didn't even cross my mind that it could have something to do with a reader. :(


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