Friday, July 11, 2014

That's My Favorite Thing(s)!!

Kristen's Diary

10:00 am - Waking up to no alarm clock! MY FAVORITE THING!

10:30 am - Drinking hot coffee while I finish waking up! MY FAVORITE THING!

     10:30 - 11:30 am - Talking/gossiping/venting with my gramma! MY FAVORITE THING!

12:00 pm - Lunch at Subway! MY FAVORITE THING!

12:10 pm - Listening to my jams on the way to Subway! MY FAVORITE THING!

12:20 pm - Picking all my favorite nom nom noms to put in my sandwich! MY FAVORITE THING!

12:30 pm - Chowing down! MY FAVORITE THING!

1:15 pm - Chillaxin' in the sun/shade while my girls giggle and splash around in their kiddie pool! MY FAVORITE THING!

3:00 pm - Nice cool shower after baking outside! MY FAVORITE THING!


4:00 pm - Reading a book inside the cool air conditioning while my girls play with their dolls or their horses or their Legos! MY FAVORITE THING!

5:30 pm - Heading over to my grandparents' house for Friday Family dinner where I don't have to cook! MY FAVORITE THING!

6:30 pm - Family time playing games, chit chatting and hanging out! MY FAVORITE THING!

8:00 pm - Girls' bedtime where I read and sing until they fall asleep! MY FAVORITE THING!
8:30 pm - Me Time! MY FAVORITE THING!

Midnight - Sleep! MY FAVORITE THING!

Some other favorites right now:

These funnies

Driving long distances and singing at the top of my lungs


French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Summer Vacation

These Girls

This song

This Man's Face!



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  1. we may have to fight over him. Why you think i like Vampire Diaries.

  2. Waking up without an alarm is one of my favorite things. Playing with my five year old nephew is another.

    Your girls are so beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Aww your girls are precious!! Definitely a great list of favorite things!


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