Monday, July 14, 2014

What Now?

What have I done today?

Stayed out of the heat
'cuz it's HOT

Watched my kids play for hours on end
Ok, I didn't really watch
I listened
And played Hayday
Hey, I looked up every once in a while to make sure they were ok

Fed them breakfast
If bagel with peanut butter and a cheese sandwich constitute breakfast

Watched them play for more hours on end
See above

Fed them breakfast
oops, I mean lunch or brunch or something . . .I fed them something else is the point

Played Hayday for hours on end
it's not a felony okay?!

Did 5 loads of laundry
that are all done and dry but lying in a big 'ol pile on my bed
ain't no one got time to fold that

Courtesy of google images
but yeah, something like that

Stalked the medical center who owes me a refund from 2013
totally got the run-around and feeling screwed over
as if I need more of that after last night

Texted the ex about him needing to put forth some effort in the school supply department
he has yet to respond
what's new?

Made dinner and fed the girls
'cuz thas how I roll
Even though I only had to heat it up in the oven

Found the girls' bathing suits in the big pile-o-clothes
that was not easy
but I did it
'cuz I am super mom
that's why
or maybe I just got lucky
it was one of those two anyway

And now
I am sitting here reading and writing stuff
My life is going a million miles a minute
Can you keep up?

1 comment :

  1. love this. at least you're doing something girl. laundry keeps me busy as well as the dog and cooking to. :D


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