Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why, Hello Lower Sodium and Vitamin D

Perhaps it isn't obvious how little I have actually accomplished today
But being that this is my 3rd post
In less than a 12 hour period
That should give some inkling of an idea
I have literally been a bump on a log
I am not proud
But it is mostly caused by the following two reasons
Which will hopefully soon be remedied

Because of my gigantafraknormous ankle 
(yes, it's a word - a fantasterific word, thank you very much) 
my pseudo doctor,
aka the oncology nurse I am very good friends with
has put me on restriction of 1500mg of sodium a day
to see if severe sodium reduction and super hydration will help at all
I have a doctor's appointment on the 10th
(the third frakking one)
And I am hoping to eliminate her saying
"Well, let's try a low sodium high water intake diet,"
By having already done that
If it works then I can say, 


and if it doesn't, then I can say 


Apparently though, after adding up what I've eaten today
I realize that while I am extremely proficient at calories counting
(1590 consumed out of the 1800 allowed)
I am not yet so proficient with sodium counting
(2559 consumed out of the 1500 allowed)


Who knew cheese had so much sodium?
I will do better tomorrow

In addition to the low sodium, super hydration
I took my first pill of 50,000 iu of Vitamin D tonight
I have been told there can be severe stomach upset with the high dosage
So far there's a bit of crazy bubbles going on in there
But nothing traumatic or painful
I pray it stays this way
Because at 5.9 
my numbers are too low not to take the supplement
Normal Vitamin D levels are 40-100
So as you can see
I'm a wee bit deficient

Hopefully instead of any BAD side effects
Instead I will experience the GOOD side effects
Like some renewed energy
Less fatigue
Less achy muscles and joints

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