Sunday, July 6, 2014

Writing Letters is a Lost Found Art

I recently stopped by one of the blogs I follow
Laney over at Night Owl Venting
And her most recent post was titled Love Letters Letters by Hand
A video followed and I was intrigued
I watched and you should watch too
It is not what you think, so just press play 

If this doesn't get my writer's heart pumping
I don't know what would
I once watched Letters to Juliet
and was inspired when I learned that The Juliet Club
Actually exists in Verona Italy 
I was fascinated by the idea of strangers
Writing to strangers for help or just companionship
The idea of it being in Verona made it more of a dream
And not a reality
for me
But Hannah, above puts it all in perspective
Why not write letters of encouragement
In this world that is full of pain and ugliness
fear and doubt
Why not be a ray of sunlight
in someone's darkness
Or the proverbial light 
at the end of someone's tunnel
Now, I personally am not really interested in RECEIVING letters
But I am deeply interested in writing to people
I don't need a list of people to write to either
I know just where I could place letters 
where people who need to read them 
The homeless man on the corner as I drive by
Hand him an envelope with a hand written letter inside
It might make him mad that I am not giving him money or food
But sometimes a word of encouragement
can feed the body, mind and soul
far more eloquently than any morsel of food
Or the stressed out customer service woman
who is acting disgruntled just to have you in her presence
You don't know what her life at home is like
You don't know what trials and tribulations she might be enduring
Why not hand her a letter
Of positivity
Or the older gentleman who is always sitting on that bench
staring off into nothing-ness
Is he missing someone?
Is he lonely?
Perhaps he is perfectly content
But a letter can always make someone's day
that much brighter
And so I propose this:
Write some letters
Place them in places where someone might find them
Who needs to read words of encouragement
Start a trend
And if YOU are in need of 
Let me know
I'd be happy to write to you


  1. I would love to get random letters. I'm now on pen pal world to see if I can gather any pen pals b/c I've made several post about wanting pen pals and no one agreed which is sad.

    1. Where would you like them sent to?

    2. I emailed you girl. Can't wait to hear from you. You'll have to email me back if that's the right email that was in your contact thing. I had emailed the email you used on disqus


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