Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to Regular Programming

It's August 1st
and I must say this before anything else
I am sad that the Blog Every Day in July Linkup is over

I really really really enjoyed it
And found some really awesome blogs to follow
On the next note,
and I say it every year
for every season
but this year, man
it's just flying by

In 2 days my baby
will turn 5
And that event will be the catalyst that will make
August 2014 
the shortest August of my life
We have play dates
Doctors appointments
Dentist appointments
Open houses for extra curricular activities
I have to get my curriculum together
That is
I am going to be teaching Spanish this year
They still haven't contacted me with specifics
And before we know it
School year 2014-2015 will be in full swing
Not that I am complaining
September 1st
December 31st
are my absolutely favorite days of the year
My birthday
New Years Eve

But it is a little bittersweet
This was the last summer before both my girls are in school
From here on out
for the next 12 years it will be school
extra curriculars
and getting them set up for their futures
Play dates
life lessons
You know,
the life of a mom
and I am so blessed to be at home with them
to experience it all

That being said,
I am going to have to make time to blog
It is very important to me to have these memories documented 
Like tonight
after playing for the last 2 hours outside
in their kiddie pool
traipsing through the rocks and moss
watering their veggie garden and spraying each other with the hose
they are now showering
by themselves
for the first time
and they are so proud of themselves
They're big girls
Of course the other benefit to documenting all these things publicly
Is that I get to share my special moments 
mile stones
with someone
many someones in fact

which means a lot to me
So, if you're reading and following
thank you for making this journey with me

Until next time . . . 

1 comment :

  1. Aw time goes way too quickly with kids, doesn't it? My oldest will be starting pre-k NEXT WEEK. enjoy the next few weeks before school starts :)


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