Friday, August 15, 2014

Breaking Bad Habits

I just finished Breaking Bad last night
The entirety of the 5 seasons
In less than 2 weeks


To say I am left happy would be a lie
To say I am satisfied with the outcome would be more like it
To say it was one of my absolute favorite TV series EVER 
would be a gross understatement

And I am actually a little at a loss for words
I am mourning the end of an epic show
I am mourning my late night Netflix binges
I am mourning Walter White and Hank Schrader
And I want to see MORE of Jesse Pinkman
(though I am so watching Better Call Saul in 2015)

So, as a tribute to my obsession of the last two weeks
and a show I don't think I will ever forget
and that I may have to re-watch from the pilot
all over again

First, a brief synopsis
in case you have been living under a rock 
like me
and haven't seen this series yet:

Walter White is a genius chemist
who works as a Chemistry teacher at the local high school
After his 50th birthday he is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer
With his minimal salary
all he can think about is leaving is pregnant wife and teenage son 
with nothing
After going on a drug bust with his DEA brother-in-law
who reveals how much money they recover from these drug deals
and seeing one of his former students involved 
who then escapes the bust
Walt find himself interested in using his superior chemistry knowledge
to create the purist meth 
so that he can make some money for his family after he's gone
The plot includes antagonists that range from deranged drug lords
to crippled ex-cartel
to white supremacist thieves
and even at times Walt's own wife and brother-in-law

Mild spoiler for purpose of review:

The entire series takes place over a two year span
where many characters are introduced
most of them die
and a plethora of nudity, violence and foul language ensue
I am usually not a fan of the three aspects above
But I was in this series

Here are my most memorable moments in Gif form:

You should totally watch it


  1. When this series first came out, my husband watched the first episode and decided it was not for us. Over the years that it was on we would hear co-workers talk about how great it was, but we were kind of television snobs and dismissed them. Then last summer we had signed up to netflix to watch something else and decided to give it another try. Watching the first episode for the second time made me wonder if we had sat through the entire thing the first time. I couldn't believe we had and still not liked the show. We instantly loved the program and binge watched the entire series. I think we had to wait for the last six or eight to come out on A&E and then it drove us nuts only watching one per week. It is so freaking smart, funny, suspenseful and heartbreaking all at the same time and it is easily one of my favorite series of all time. Of course while binge watching it over a couple of weekends, I couldn't stop talking like Jesse and adding 'Yo' to just about everything I said. Man, I miss him and Walter.

  2. I never watched this show but I have just started Orange Is The New Black.

    1. I'm watching OITNB and it doesn't touch BB IMO but again that's just MO :D


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