Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Confessions V

It is 12:59am
Yes, that is in the morning
and  it is here
that I begin my 5th 'hump day' confessional
with Kathy and the beautiful Ian

// I still really hate that word... hump-day ((cringe))

Vodka and Soda

// First, after reading what Kathy wrote about wanting to have the Corleone family living in her neighborhood to get rid of the pesky noisy neighbors, I found myself smirking. Because we have the Greek Mafia in our neighborhood instead. Yep. The president of this HOA (homeowners association for those who don't know the lingo) is bad ass and does not let any BS pass under his nose. Noisy basketball player. One warning letter and then the parents get fined. They don't want to pay their fines? He liens their house. He has had his lawn set on fire, people trying to oust him from his position like he's president Obama, and a whole slew of threats and unkind behavior from ill-behaving residents of our BEAUTIFUL NEIGHBORHOOD. Once, he accidentally sprayed his hose through the open window of a car that was speeding down the residential street. Whoops! He's a good man. He gives leniency where it is deserved but if you cross him, or get up in his face for enforcing the HOA rules set by the property builder he will fine the shit out of you and lien your house. His motto: If you don't like the rules, leave. It also helps that he isn't just a ball buster. He knows his stuff. He is a retired cop. He knows the laws both past, current and those that are soon to come. He pride's himself on keeping up to date like that. So, whether you think he's right, or you think he's wrong . . . he will always win. This is not a man you want to mess with. I'm just glad he's my papa. :)

// I feel extraordinarily fat. Like, more fat than I actually am. Like I could roll around on the floor like a bloated beach ball and not be able to get back up because my girth would be too immense for my short legs to reach the ground again. This water retention bites hard!! Hello 20lbs of water weight in one week. ONE WEEK!! I can't even get through the second week of my squat challenge because my ankle WILL.NOT.BEND. I need to get it fixed. NOW.

// On the way to my podiatrist appointment yesterday I listened to the first 12 songs on the Frozen CD and sang along to every one. My children were not with me.

// I am becoming a lush. I ran out of wine and wanted to throw a temper tantrum because I shouldn't spend my money on that. It's for the better though. I hear alcohol aggravates swelling and water retention.

// Yesterday my podiatrist said to me as I stood to leave his office. "I'll see you again soon if your ankles aren't feeling better and we'll see if I can't pin you down for that cortisone shot." I laughed. I giggled. I blushed and probably turned a few different shades of pink and red. I am ashamed because the idea was kinda exciting. Kinda hot actually. No, not the shot. The being pinned down.

// I have watched the first three seasons of Breaking Bad in less than 1 week. The obsession is so bad that I can't even bring myself to stop to watch any of my other favorite shows.

// I have a 5 foot tall stuffed bear named Ellie sitting in a chair in my front room. She is the girls' new stuffed animal. But when I go to bed I may take her with me . . . It's not weird

(^^they wub her^^)

// No we didn't take her shopping
this is where we bought her


In my last post
I wrote about Mr. A being required
to see the girls at a visitation center
It never dawned on me
that some of you might not know what that is
So, just to clarify in case I mention it in the future
He is required by law to go to a place of business
that specializes in family services
they provides trained professionals
to supervise his visits with the girls
They take notes as the visit progresses
Stops him if he says or does anything inappropriate
and ultimately keeps the girls safe
This is required
because of his neglect as a parent
his inexperience with children
and his 'tendencies' of manipulation, threats and even violence
He cannot be trusted to be alone with them
so he is allotted time at this place to be with them
It isn't like jail
(he says it is)
He isn't looked upon as a criminal
(even though he says he feels like one)
And even though he believes he 'has rights as a father'
(which in his mind is to see them when he wants and do with them what he wants)
he doesn't even exercise the simplest of rights
which is to see them
He is allowed 5 hours per week
to be split up at his and the center's discretion
paid for out of his pocket
because they are his visitations
He CHOOSES not to take advantage of these visits
and no one can force him to
his loss


// Sometimes I am glad he doesn't take advantage of his visitation rights. I feel in the past when he did it only confused and hurt the girls more. Especially when he would try to explain the 'adult situation' to them and ended up sticking his foot in his mouth. I hope someday when they are older they are able to understand the circumstances and that someday he will come to peace with what happened and ultimately what he brought upon himself.

// I secretly love that my youngest has a slight speech impediment. It makes me feel like she will be my baby a little bit longer. Don't worry. I am not discouraging her from speaking properly. The words she says improperly she will actually correct to say properly if she is told that she is saying them wrong. But I love that she says EK-simo instead of Eskimo. I love that she says ee-mote or muh-rote instead of remote. I love that at the indoor play park the other day she got so excited about the DIK-so ball that was actually a disco ball. My babies are 5 and 6 and if she can stay little just a little bit longer by saying adorable words like those than I am ok with that.

// I can't stand it when you go through a drive-thru and the person behind the speaker asks if they can help you. You tell them what you want and then after you say it all, they either say, "I'm sorry I only heard . . . " and they name the first thing you said. Or they say, "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" UGH!

// Also, when I stay up this late, I get mini anxiety attacks. My mind starts wandering to all the things it should not wander to at almost 2am and so now is probably a good time to say I'm done!

Good morning!!

Until next time . . .


  1. So, new to your blog (from the link up) but personally my life was much easier when my bio father decided to just stop showing up. Most of my childhood he popped up around 2-3 times a year (holidays & birthdays) and it was just awkward (especially since I had a great "step" dad who I call Dad). So I totally understand your feelings there & it's probably valid.

  2. I would have loved to have someone like your Papa where we used to live! Our neighbors were the worst, and I even went down there a few times because they made me that mad. I am so glad that we moved into a quieter neighborhood!
    I have a huge bear like that! I never know where to put him though, he just takes up so much room ha ha.
    I'm sorry to hear about Mr. A. I can only imagine how irritating and frustrating that is for you and the girls.

  3. So awesome that Mr HOA is your papa! I would love to have a guy like that on my side!

  4. please, PLEASE send your greek mafia HOA prez to my house. i needs to get this shizz under control!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda


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