Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Have You Been Tested? & What's in My Purse??


I had a podiatrist appointment today
to try and figure out what is going on with my fat ankles
He said there is apparent fluid retention in both legs
uh, really? I totally hadn't noticed
He asked if there is ever heat that radiates off my right foot
I said there has been on occasion
And then he asked me,
Have You Been Tested
Um . . . what the hell is that? I have no idea
Needless to say
when I got home, I had to look it up
and for those of you who are like WTF curious 
like I was
Here is the definition:

Gout is a type of arthritis. It occurs when uric acid builds up in blood and causes inflammation in the joints. Acute gout is a painful condition that often affects only one joint; Chronic gout is repeated episodes of pain and inflammation. More than one joint may be affected.

Hmm, interesting
So, they took some blood
He prescribed some compression stockings
and an arch support
but told me these would only help with symptoms
and not the underlying cause
He also suggested I get a cortisone shot 
scoffed and told him where he could shove it politely refused
Now I have to call my insurance
to see if they would be able to skip over the cortisone shot step
and go directly to whatever the next step is
I always love talking to insurance companies
They're always so helpful
((insert scoff and eye roll))


On a different note,
we celebrated Breezy's 5th birthday the day before yesterday
and she had a blast
Starting off with a donut breakfast
Then to an indoor play park for almost the entire day
and then directly to her evening time birthday party
It was so much fun!
And she got so many great gifts
including an unexpected (hand-me-down) collection
of My Little Pet Shop animals and shop/house/car things


Yesterday Mr. A dropped off Breezy's b-day presents
But not before making me extremely uncomfortable once again
by asking to see them
outside the parenting plan
Thankfully they were at my grandparents' house
So, I was able to truthfully say that they weren't home
I am so tired of having to tell him no
He shouldn't be asking anymore
I mean if he really wants to see them
why doesn't he just follow the parenting plan?
Why won't he pay to see them at the visitation center?
Do you see this?

(4 horse-4 barbie sister set, two hair accessory kits, 
a sterling silver bracelet and Sterling silver studs with real peridots)

This cost $250
5 hours of quality time at the visitation center
Which is what he is allowed per day per the parenting plan
costs $175
It just baffles me that he wouldn't choose to spend time with them
for a fraction of the cost of what he spends on 'things'
Then again if the roles had been reversed
I would have followed the parenting plan to a T
So, I can't really claim to know where his priorities lie
except by his actions
and they are certainly not with his children


Lunch out with mom and girls
Shopping at Costco
then after dinner tonight
watching home videos from 1940's-1980's
that were found on reels in my grandparents' storage
So excited!
I get to see my great gramma and great papa!


What is in my purse?
I feel like I should be saying this in a
'on my way to grandmother's house' type sing-song voice
So, on my way to leave the house . . .
I take with me

a) my Miche purse
b) my Miche magnetic wallet
c) my 'pencil case' makeup kit (bright orange)
d) my 'utility kit' (carries my clippers, scissors, nail file)
e) hair brush and hair accessories for both girls and myself
f) two sets of ear buds, ya know, in case one set doesn't work
g) my keys 'cuz how am I gonna get anywhere without those

Until next time . . .

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  1. I'm surprised at how few things you have in your purse! Wow, you must clean it out often! Thanks for linkup up!

  2. I love your strategic planning of your purse so it's not even overcrowded. I must be honest, I'm not sure what the visitation centre is ( we don't have that in South Africa) but from your explanation I would agree with you, I would totally spend that money to have that time with my kid/s rather than buy really expensive stuff but like you said, priorities...

  3. I was recently tested for gout, it was negative but the meds they gave me anyway helped. I'm just hoping it doesn't happen again. I love how you have a couple smaller bags for different things, keeps it very organized!

  4. Oh wow, your purse isn't cluttered like mine is! Good for you for only sticking to the necessities.


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