Saturday, August 16, 2014

Starbucks Saturday and Orange is the New Black

With only two-ish more weeks to go
until school starts in this neck of the woods cow town
My thoughts have jumped from being in the throes of summer
to the coming Fall
I love fall

It is my most favoriteristerist season
(yes, that is a word)
During the fall there are just so many things I LOVE
The change in the colors of the trees
The change in the weather
(from ungodly heat to cool frigid autumn)
My birthday
I love to dress up my girls
and sometimes myself
and hand out candy
It makes me happy just thinking about it
I love that people act friendlier
(maybe that's just my imagination)
and I love the cornucopias
that the city hangs on the light poles down Main Street
I love the arts and crafts that the kids do in school
and scarecrows
and turkeys galore

But do you know the one thing that just tickles all of my senses
Starbucks in the fall
and their
(no this is not a sponsored post)
I sincerely and genuinely live for the time of year
when Starbucks puts out their Pumpkin Spice flavored drinks
The pretty whipped cream topping with  powdered spices
sprinkled over the top
The warmth of the sleeved cup in my hands
the smell wafting up into my face
and the taste
mmm mmm mmm

And apparently
according to my sources
this year they are starting the season 2 weeks earlier than normal
That would be
This girl right here is in 7th-frickin-heaven
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
on cold days
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos
on warmer days

On that note
I have had a chest cold for several days now
Where my chest is all crackly when I exhale
And I have a hard time sleeping
even if I am sitting up
So, I have had to find ways of entertaining myself
While my kids entertain themselves

I have overcome my mourning of finishing Breaking Bad
and have moved onto my new Netflix addiction
Orange is the New Black

It isn't half as riveting as Breaking Bad was
But it is fun to watch
and fills the big gaping Breaking Bad void in my heart

There are a lot of F-bombs
A significant amount of nudity
(which is not really up my alley)
the back stories of the other inmates are interesting
and there is enough suspense and drama to keep me interested
One thing I am having a hard time getting over
is seeing Jason Biggs in a normal role
Every time I see his face
all I can imagine is him screwing an apple pie in his kitchen
(From the movie American Pie; for those of you who haven't seen it)

And Laura Prepon from that 70's show
Even with black hair, all I see is this

Other than that it is a fun show
so far
Then again, I'm only on episode 4 of season 1

I'm interested in what everyone reading watches
Any suggestions for other epic TV series
That isn't fantasy or science fiction based??


  1. I am on 5 of season 1. One that most people seem to like is Weeds. My hubby loved it and BB and OITNB

  2. Autumn!!! Yes!!! All the Autumn!!!

  3. I LOVE FALL!! & I cannot wait for my first PSL of the season. It's going to be amazing.

    Also amazing - OITNB. I hear House of Cards is really good, but I've never seen it myself but when I get some time (ha! ha! ha!) I'm going to watch it!!


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