Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time Flies (duh, right?)

I sat down at my computer about 1 minute ago 
Exhausted from standing hunched over my girls' toy bins
picking, sorting, tossing and storing all of their shit toys
I immediately pulled up my Facebook page
perused for about 15 seconds
got bored

and checked the time at the bottom right hand corner of my screen


 . . . Double take . . . 


The last time I looked at the clock
It had been 12:35pm
and I could swear
cross my heart
that I had only been in that room cleaning
for maybe a half hour
But no,
No wonder by back hurts
and I'm sweating like I ran a mile
I have literally stood for almost 4 hours bent at the waist
picking through my kids' stuff

Time flies

You say, yeah we get it

But seriously . . . 
When they say time passes faster than the blink of an eye
It's true
I literally blinked my eyes
and it went from just past lunch time
to almost dinner time

That is all for this pointless post today

Until next time . . . 

When hopefully I have something substantial to write about

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