Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Confessions VIII

Let's get straight to it . . .

// I am linking up with three different blogs today
(can we say blog link-up whore?)

but I am only doing the Humpday confessions from Kathy's because
#1: I don't wanna talk about my earliest memory. It is morbid and sad and depressing.
#2. I don't wanna talk about what I wanted to be when I grew up

// I'm grown . . . shocker

// I ate 2 bowls of Lucky Charms for dinner and am eyeing a box of Chicken in a Biscuit
it's taunting me

// You know what is really taunting me?
The bottle of red wine I bought 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to touch because yeah, prescription meds + alcohol = big no no

// on the subject of food, I have found that while on Prednisone I do not crave salt. I have this all encompassing desire for sugar . . . I hate sugar.

// on the topic of Prednisone; I still have 3 more days of doses I am supposed to take but I am going to be a complete rebel (and probably a complete idiot) and not take them because it honestly makes me feel like a ten ton log of dooky

// speaking of feeling like dooky, I found myself having some breathing abnormalities and chest constriction at the school's open house today. While I was processing my discomfort I realized I had been staring at one of the moms who was having a whispered conversation with another mom. I smiled to try and look less like the creepy eavesdropper I knew she was judging me as . . .  and she kind of smile/grimaced/raised an eyebrow back . . .

// I love fall . . .  but I hate football and it's football season . . . bleck

// My most comfiest pair of yoga pants have a massive hole in the upper leg but I am wearing them anyway because they are comfy and I am #notevensorry that I may never throw them away regardless of how big the hole gets

// that being said, my favorite t-shirt (which I am also wearing) has several tiny holes in the shoulder, the belly and the pocket (cuz it's a man's t-shirt) and I may never throw this one away either

// Yesterday was the ex-husband's 39th birthday. I fought with myself about whether I should have the girls call to wish him a happy birthday. Or even to tell them it's his birthday at all. To wreak havoc on their peaceful little lives or not to. In the end my logical peace preserving self won out over my idealistic self and said, 'Self, why put your innocent babies in the predicament of being verbally abused again?' and my idealistic self conceded and agreed.

// I am feeling massively overwhelmed by everything at this very moment
It feels like it's all going to come crashing down on me
- School starting
- Having to keep a good schedule/routine
-Planning out weekly dinners
- Prepping dinner every morning so it's ready by evening
- Being room mom and verse parent
- Planning.all.the.parties
- Preparation for teaching Spanish in January
- Having to renew my drivers license that is going to expire on my 30th birthday
-My 30th birthday that is coming in a month
(I don't like being socialized)

// if my step-dad used the words 'common sense' one more time at dinner tonight I was going to have a flipping coronary . . . I think, in one long run on sentence describing what he believes are his superior logic skills, he used the words 'common sense' 8 times . . . as in 'it's just common sense' and 'even idiots have that much common sense' and 'it doesn't take a rocket scientist to have common sense' . . . I seriously wanted to put him out of his 'common sense'. . .
especially since he ironically has.none

// I am passionately anti-declaw
(yeah, I know, totally random)

// Tomorrow I have to take pictures of bee poop that is splattered all over my car's windshield as evidence that a nearby neighbor's bee swarms/hives are becoming burdensome to the community

// tomorrow is officially the last day of my summer

// which of course, now that my swollen cankles have receded and my lungs are inflating semi-properly, means it is Murphy's Law that I will get my first autumn cold . . . yep, ladies and gentlemen . . . this morning I woke up with a sore throat . . . fanfrickin'tastic

Brave Love Blog

Vodka and Soda


  1. I hate to rain on your parade but I believe that stopping Prednisone cold turkey can have dangerous side effects. I believe that's the med they put on my mom and were very intent that she not stop taking it. I hate football too. Probably my least favorite sport.

  2. (American) Football haters unite! Despite owning a greyhound, I don't hate greyhound racing. These dogs are breed for hunting and if racing is as close to it gets without cruelty, then I can support that. I'm sad that most of the tracks are closing down.

  3. Lucky Charms are my favorite!! I watched that football gif probably a good dozen times in a row haha. School has me overwhelmed to the point where I'm already pretending I don't have a ton of grading (& will be collecting more today) even though it's only the 7th day of school...

  4. I love football....but I don't want it on my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram either! I will watch it for my college team but that is it. All other teams are dead to me LOL. I totally wear my favorite comfy ratty clothes until they are no longer decent....even in my own home....I just can't quit them like that!

  5. I have an amazing pair of yoga pants that have a hole in the thigh that I just won't sew. I keep hoping my mom or mother in law will see it, take pity on me and offer to sew it. So far, nothing....


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