Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Things & Prized Possessions



// Fall - When I was a kid in Southern California there were no distinguishable seasons. But since I moved to the Pacific Northwest I realized all the fuss about Fall.  The cool crisp air, the warm  rich smells and nostalgic change of color that happens to nature. It makes me smile just thinking about it. And it's here! (sort of)

// My daughters - though they have caused at least half of the white hairs on my almost 30 year old head, they are truly the light in my world. There laughter, their very distinct personalities and tastes,  their individual talents, their compassion, their patience, their wonder and their ability of such great love for me - they don't see me as the 'broken woman' that I see when I look in the mirror - they love me unconditionally as their mama. I am literally in awe of them and thank God every day for their existence in my life.

// A good cup of coffee in the morning - mild roast with cream and sugar in the raw . . . and a good glass of wine at night - sweet and red all the way. Yes, we all have our vices

// Reading or viewing anything that provokes a heartfelt response. Whether it be a good book, a particularly well written blog post, a fantastic episode of my favorite show or just a blurb from Facebook . . . I am nothing if not a great appreciator of that which provokes deep emotion

// Speaking in Spanish - I get a giddy sense of pride and accomplishment when I speak in my second language and even though being bilingual is commonplace these days, I feel honored to have the ability to speak two full languages.

// Family gatherings - Since I was a small girl I have reveled in family reunions and get-togethers. Especially during the holidays. I love the unity and the laughter and the joy it brings to everyone. Catching up with people you haven't seen in forever, hearing stories of years and decades in the past, looking at old photo albums, catching up on new photos, and just.being.together 

Brave Love Blog


This may look like a bunch of flash drives
and that's because they are
And while these technological pieces are fun and handy
It isn't what they are 
but what they contain that make them my most prized possessions
They contain things like this:
(from 2010)
{and I have from 200-5000 pictures on each drive}

Memories are my most prized possessions


  1. Memories are awesome possessions!! I have a ton of old photos I adore looking at!

  2. Memories are definitely something to be cherished. Fall is my favorite season. I'm very ill-versed in the Spanish language. My two teen boys have started taking it as a course for high school this year.


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