Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Hate White Space

Ok, ok, ok
I don't HATE it per se
but jeez, it's a hard read

I have a ton of other books I NEED to read

The Game of Thrones Series
The Divergent Series
The Maze Runner Series
The Fault in Our Stars
I need to remember where I left off in the 
In Death Series by J.D. Robb
because suddenly there are a whole bunch of her books out
and I haven't read several of them

Then of course
I come full circle
I need to finish 
White Space
even though I feel I may die from boredom
or confusion
or both
But I have a bit of a compulsive personality
(hahaha, yeah, a bit)
so, if I own a book

Of course all these books
(except White Space . . . grrr)
will need to be found at the library
Because I don't have a small mountain made of money in my backyard
I wish I did
and that I could use it
but alas . . .

I am still overwhelmed from finishing The Mortal Instruments series
I was so sad and depressed when it ended
Especially since I had already read The Infernal Devices
But I am so excited because sometime in 2015
Cassandra Clare will release
The Dark Artifices

And lastly!

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