Friday, September 5, 2014

Meatload and Deluxe Death

Oh autocorrect . . . how I loathe thee

Unless you are living under a rock 
I assume you know what this is
for anyone who doesn't 
It is the function of most technological devices 
that changes misspelled/misused words 
to what the device perceives the word 'should be'
without the users express direction 
(or permission) 
to do so

Today, for example
via text
a friend asked me what I was making for dinner
My answer was supposed to be 
But for whatever reason 
my autocorrect changed it to

Let that sink in . . .
It sounds like a dirty word in bad erotica

My friend then asked me about an ice cream I had bought
that he had tried 
"What was that called?"
I meant to type Deluxe Death By Chocolate
(Deluxe is the brand and Death by Chocolate is the flavor)
But for whatever reason
My autocorrect didn't like how I wrote
and instead of guessing what I meant
completely eliminated the errant word
Leaving my answer as
Deluxe Death

We are having 
for dinner
and a heaping scoop of 
for dessert

Who wants to come over?


  1. ooh, count me in! LOL. I hate auto correct. like, let me just proof-read my own stuff and I'll fix the words.

  2. hahaha i hate when that happens!! i always tell peeople i'm going to "sew" and it either gets changed to "sex" or "see".
    so dumb!

  3. I turned my corrector settings to "minimal/mild" so it doesn't change words very often...but it seems to happen when I'm using my facebook app the most. Which is odd.

  4. *sigh* I have this same issue. I really dislike auto-correct because it NEVER corrects to the right word! I've gotten to where I proof more just because I hate it so much.


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