Monday, September 1, 2014

To Blog or not to blog Every Day in September

September 1st


Can you believe it?

Summer was here and then *snap..poof* it was gone

So, I'm linking up with Whitney and Bailey to Blog Every Day in September

And to begin

we shall start with a re-introduction

So . . . 

Introducing Me
{The Miscellaneous Mom}
aka Kristen

And why yes, in case you're wondering,
That is my favorite mason jar mug 
with my favorite sweet red wine

So, I could go into the same ol' same ol' about who I am and what I like
and yada yada yada
But you could just pop over to the About Me section of my blog
to learn all the boring stuff

I will give you a few bullet points that make me
irrefutably, undeniably and unequivocally, uniquely me

~ I love a good debate/argument. Especially when they are politically or religiously based. However, I do not like it when someone thinks they are arguing or debating by blatantly and personally insulting their opposition or their oppositions beliefs. Clean, clear, cut facts (or opinions) but no sh*t slinging. 

~ I have many-a-time declared myself 'anti-green' self imposing the great divide between myself and most people my age who head up all the new-fangled environmental hullabaloo. I don't feel convicted to recycle. I don't feel convicted to conserve water or electricity. I just don't. And you can totally disagree with me. But you won't change my mind. I am a Christian. I believe God created everything that exists for the use of the human race. So, don't get me wrong. I am all for respecting earth and everything we derive from it. But I honestly don't believe that our earth is as fragile as many keep trying to make it seem and in the end, I believe come all the big corporate bullies or not to dissolve it into nothingness, the earth will truly cease to exist when the One who created it sees fit.  

~ I am also anti-PC . . . yeah, again completely ostracizing myself from my generation. 
But hey, I gotta be true to me. I believe in the golden rule:

or in contrast

I call it like I see it
(within respectable reason)
It is not defamation of character 
if what I am doing is factually describing your character or appearance
I will not purposely go out of my way to offend you
and if I do offend you accidentally, I will feel inclined to apologize
unless you get your self righteous PC feathers in a fuss
and then I might just feel good about offending you . . . 
Because you being a PC ass is offensive to me
you know the story

~ Contrary to common belief, I am happily single. Am I the only one? I do not need a boyfriend (I feel too old to even talk about having a 'boyfriend') , or a husband or 'better half'. Allie, over at Reckless, wrote a post today about not needing a second half to complete you as a person and I wholeheartedly concur. God is her true love story, and I am working on making Him mine as well. The days when I feel the very lowest there isn't a single person in the world who can comfort me but if I close my eyes and pray, I can feel Him, and I know everything will be ok. 

~ I am a classic introvert. I love people but become overwhelmed and exhausted in even the most minor social situations that are out of my element or comfort zone. I am extremely emotional and have a hard time siphoning those emotions especially because I feel like I experience them in a devastatingly raw way. It's difficult to even explain. Which is probably one reason I cry.a.lot - 
for all the emotions.

On THAT note

School is upon us!!
Tomorrow is open house
Wednesday is prep for EVERYTHING
and Thursday is the FIRST DAY!

Seventh, Kindergarten and First Grade


Brave Love Blog


  1. Love how you are point blank and honest. It is a rarity these days it seems. Your kids are adorable and how I miss mine being that little. Sighhhh. Thanks for sharing the blog challenge. Look forward to reading many more of what you have to say.

    P.S....I agree I don't think we have to have another person to make us feel whole or complete. Just trust in God and know that no matter what he loves you.

  2. So nice to meet you Kristen! I'm so excited that you're linking up this month. I'm all about a good debate too, so I can't wait to see what you blog about!

  3. i agree with the fact about the earth being made for us to use it. i still recycle sometimes but i don't feel it the most important thing to do. i still think its a good thing to help prolong the earth as much as possible til that day when got wants the earth to be gone. i also respect you stance on it. i'm not arguing, just commenting! i really like your style though. say what you want and be what you want. don't let society make you feel you have to do "something" cause everyone is doing it.
    can't wait to see what else you write for blog-tember!

  4. Okay, so I love me some recycling (you're helping the earth!), but I also love your straight-to-it attitude. Rock the singleness; nothing wrong with that! Nice to meet you and looking forward to sharing this journey together!


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