Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today's Been . . . A Day

If I basically snort really hard 
I can kinda sorta taste my coffee
Which sucks
I.Can't. Taste.My.Coffee
This is an emergency of epic proportions
Other than that my head feels like 
I have a two-ton brick stuck up my nose 
nestled snug and warm in the left side of my sinuses
Surely, when I sleep tonight
it will transfer to whichever side I choose to lay on
Fun times, I tell ya!

^^ thank you Junior, at least someone understands ^^

On another super exciting note
I had to renew my health insurance today
and it had been transferred to another company
so what should have been simple
became a very long, drawn out process
I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with them
because people like to change what isn't broken
and effing break it in the process
this too can be done for you . . . ugh

Also, the ex husband decided he will go to the visitation center
to see the girls
after a year of not seeing them
Oh boy
can - you - sense - my - enthusiasm ? ? ?
I won't tell them until it actually happens though
there's no need to stress them out prematurely
especially since he is such reliable and dependable person
who always does what he says he will do

Of course this came about after yesterday's situation
Where the bank called him to make a payment on my car
that he agreed to pay in our divorce agreement
and he LIED to them and told them it was my responsibility
so, I called him on his BS
and sent him photocopies of the documents 
stating which assets and debts were allotted where
I didn't do it to piss him off
I wanted a record of me specifically telling/showing him
so no one could hold THAT over my head
he responded with this LOVELY TIDBIT
 . . .  and I quote 
(and translate because it was in Spanish) 
for your viewing pleasure . . . 
(because so many of you commented and e-mailed 
that you love hearing about his idiocy)

"You know what?
I don't care anymore
and don't send me another message
because I am going to open the
{custody} case
and fight for my rights
You don't know what's waiting for you."

Aside from wanting to finish the 'fight for my rights' portion 
with 'to partay"
I was taken aback
I shouldn't have been
I should have expected that
But what I honestly expected was radio silence
I knew he wouldn't care
I definitely knew he wouldn't pay the payment
(why would he now, after 4 years of not?)
What I never get used to though
are the threats
and over the years they become more vague and sinister

and not in the cutesy 'oh, my ex is such a jerk. he can be so scary' way
but in the, 'he legitimately scares me' way

aside from wanting to poke a fork in my eye to relieve the pressure in my face
and wanting to rip my hair out from dealing with stupid insurance people
and feeling my heart race and my stomach twist
because it still does whenever the ass wipe threatens me or my girls

it's been a good day

and when I say good

I mean good because 

I am alive

My girls are alive

we are all (relatively) healthy

we are all safe

we have food, clothes, and a house

and we have people who love us

Thanks to God

I'm gonna go curl up on the couch
with my blanky and suck my thumb now



  1. Oh, I'm sorry you had such an awful day! It sounds like one of those where it just pours and pours and nothing goes right. :(
    The stuff with your ex sounds really scary and I'd be very upset, too. I hope this situation will improve with time.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I am pretty positive your ex knows how he affects you and just basically says things to F with you. :/ Good luck!

  3. AHEM. I SAID POKE-POKE-POKE! That means you at least need to make a post saying. I am/feel/want/whatever blah and I will be blah blah blah soon.


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