Thursday, October 9, 2014

My New Norm

Yeah, so I haven't been really great about writing.
I guess it's a good thing no one pays me to write or to advertise their blog/product/whatever.

You see my new norm is as follows

Monday, Wednesday, Every other Friday - Get up at 6am ----> take oldest to school ---> entertain youngest until oldest is out of school (eg: sit on my butt and twiddle my thumbs out of boredom)  as well as do all of my chores  ---> dinner (which usually takes a trip to the market and cooking all day to get done) and homework (a hellish task in and of itself) ----> bed (sweet sweet relief)

Tuesday, Thursday, Every Opposite Friday - Get up at 6am ---> take both littles to school ----> volunteer for the first couple hours because that's the responsible thing to do ---> entertain myself until both littles are out of school ---> hurry to get them to gymnastics ---> hurry to get them to family dinner ---> homework ----> bed

So, as you can see my weekdays are busy . . . 
mind you I have not mentioned what I do to entertain myself

and every other day my youngest child 
which include all day jaunts to the market, 
and the other market that has different car carts 
and even another market that has mini doll carts for kids
- you know, for variety -

As well as laundry, 
creating new concoctions in the slow cooker, 
stressing about my health, 
stressing about money,
binging on Netflix
me on oldest's iPad and littlest on her own iPad
(It's quite the sight) 
and you know 
making useless rubber band things 
with the loom my girls got that is too complicated for them

On the weekends 
I get everything done that I didn't do during the week
and on Sunday we do Church and Breakfast
and other family stuffs

And during the entire 7 day stretch 
I get on my computer to check Facebook
I get on the computer to check bank account statuseseses
I get on the computer to compute my volunteer hours at the littles' school
I even get on the computer to read blogs
But more often then not I just cannot find the energy to blog
And if I have the energy I cannot think of WHAT to blog
And if I have both the topic and the energy
Then of course, my children are making it impossible to concentrate

Oh yeah, on that note
did I mention I have been eating really well 
On target
1500-1700 calories
for an entire week now
That is 7 days binge free

This might mean very little to some
but if you knew the deep dark trenches of despair
and mounds and mounds of food
that I just climbed out of
it wouldn't seem so small

And on that note
Tomorrow is Friday
The one where both littles go to school
and I volunteer 
and I have to figure out how to entertain myself
and the list goes on infinitum
So I shall wish you all goodnight

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