Monday, November 17, 2014

Catching Up and . . . Coffee

Update in Bullets . . . and .gifs
I miss using .gifs

and this

  • I have lost 16lbs on this Primal Blueprint thing
  • and my ankles are no longer swollen
    Say what??

  • I took my introverted self to a baby-shower (well, I didn't take me. I carpooled) where I didn't know anyone (except the new-again-mama and one mutual friend) and I totally killed it . . . my energy level that is

  • I really am trying to branch out socially being that people I don't even know recognize me from everywhere now. It's not from my blog or my book and my kids aren't THAT popular at school (ok, they're pretty popular and that makes me a giddy) but not THAT popular. The problem with being known and not knowing the people who know you and simultaneously being a cautious/wary introvert is suspicion. How do you know me? Why are you talking to me? What do you want? It really ISN'T normal but I can't really help it either and all the unnecessary mental/emotional work makes me seriously exhausted . . .

  • I just learned how to use the grams setting on my food scale. YAY! Because hello, it's really difficult to measure 2 TBSP of mini dark chocolate SQUARES. Then I happened to notice my scale has a gram counter as well as a oz counter and BAM, whatdya know, but right next to the serving size that said 2 TBSP it said (15g). Oh hell, to the YES! No more trying to cram little chocolate squares into my egg shaped TBSP measuring spoon. God, that was so frustrating.

  • This week is Biz-ay!! Breakfast with co-room mom to figure out Christmas Party and potentially try to figure out January's Family Fun Night at the school. Breezy is being recognized for this month's virtue which is honor and also being named Student of the Month. Sassy has an oral report on her five senses where she is going to sing a song in front of her whole class and we have to prepare for the Thanksgiving Feast that is happening next Tuesday. Of course, I also have to do my normal stuff like clean and pay bills and do laundry (which is actually more tolerable now that on Tuesdays I have no children and I can watch my shows on Hulu while I fold and hang) 

  • I have a headache. I have been told it is about the time I will be going through the carb flu which is actually flu like symptoms due to restricting carbs. I am feeling kinda blecky so I am associating the headache with that. My cold eye mask is not helping and neither is the Advil I took. Wahh!!

  • Also, I was told I need to check into my 'gut health' and start taking probiotics in the form of kefir to some such thing. Any suggestions?

  • I finally read the handbook for my Bowflex! Now to use it! Has that happened yet? err, nope

  • And lastly, what the heck is up with this last week's Parenthood? Why was there no Joel and Julia? Like, not even a scene with them in it!! I was so bummed OUT!

  • And that is all for today's update
    I may or may not have drank an entire 21oz coffee while I wrote this
    I may or may not drink another in the near future . . . 
    Don't judge 


  1. YEAH!!! I am so very excited for you!!! You put my itty bitty 4 lbs to shame. LOL So happy that your ankles are normal again. I have only had that when preggo but I remember it sucking.

  2. I like to just eat Greek yogurt for the good probiotics. Or you can buy them in capsule/pill form. Even regular ol' yogurt has it, but the Greek tends to be lower in carbs unless you get one that is artificially sweetened. SO happy for you on the 16lbs! THAT. IS. AWESOME!!!


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