Monday, November 10, 2014

You Know What Sucks?

WHEN . . . 

Over a month ago you pledged to do better

You get on the scale a month later and know the weight will be up
not the same . . . not down . . . but up

You get on the scale and you're right

Your pants and underwear have been so strained for so long that the waistline is getting holes 

You own 20+ shirts and only 2 of them fit

All your clothes make you feel like a beached whale
even though it isn't really the clothes but your ever-growing size

When you get super motivated to DO THIS THANG at night and you wake up the next morning with ZERO motivation

(Ok, maybe it wasn't near death, but it felt that way)

And suddenly the mojo changes
the motivation returns
and this time it isn't JUST motivation

*Let me say here that this is my experience
You may be anti-low-carb
You may be pro-low-fat
You may be a vegetarian
or a vegan
or a pescetarian
or a Fast-Foodsian
I am not thumping my fist on the holy bible of eating here
I am simply telling my experience 
(because I am so excited) 
and how it is working for me
We can totally agree to disagree

That being said, I have been following The Primal Blueprint diet for a bit now

A bit meaning less than a week
because it was less than a week ago that my Dr. suggested I try it out

and I have lost 12lbs

12lbs in roughly 4 days


Even when I used to drastically cut calories and up my hydration

I never lost 12lbs of water weight or fat or any combo of the two

I am utterly floored

and the clincher is that it is EASY PEASY PUMPKIN PIE
(without the crust because #1 I hate pie crust and #2 you can't have the crust on Primal)

Let me say now that I am not endorsing this diet
for any other reason or compensation
than it is what my Dr. recommended and it IS working
and obviously I will need to maintain my efforts
to see if it continues to be as successful as it has been

That being said,
it doesn't take a whole lot of effort NOT to consume
bread and pasta and potatoes and rice
(not that these foods don't have nutritional value. They simply aren't in MY plan)
when you can have full fat options
whether it be dairy or protein
and yummy fruits and veggies and nuts to munch on
(no beans or legumes though due to their anti-nutrients leeching vitamins from the good foods)

I also have so much energy
I am not feeling lethargic or tired
which is HUGE
because I have been feeling lethargic and tired
for the last several MONTHS
I am actually (almost) motivated to start working out again
I have a Bowflex in my house and I have never used it
But as soon as I read the manual
(so I don't kill myself)
That thing is gonna be my b*t . . . best friend

On that note, and onto a completely other topic
ALL my shows last week hit me right in the FEELS
Namely #Parenthood and #Vampirediaries

Who wants Joel and Julia to get back together?

And Elena and Damon?
There circumstance is just WRONG!
But I think their love will (eventually) overcome the compulsion.

Thank you Oprah
Now I can at least sleep tonight

But seriously the writers of these shows I am watching
Know exactly what heart strings to pull
I seriously cried
The big ugly cry
with red bloodshot eyes
and elephant sized tears
during the elevator scene in Parenthood

I cannot wait for this next week's episodes
Now I am off to 
. . . do something else

Until next time . . .


  1. Well, the thing about low carb/primal/whatever is that when you cut carbs, you lose a LOT of water weight. Carbs sit in your guts and hold water. Like, if you put a piece of bread in a glass of water and a steak in another glass, it's easy to see, the bread absorbs a ton! It's the same in your system -- you have to drink a ton to flush it and in the meantime, it holds it. So, the minute you cut those, that water is the first to go. And in your case, I'm sure that was very welcome after all of the issues you've had with swelling! Along with some of that water was hopefully some fat, too!

    What I'm trying to say is WOOT! I'm glad you've found a plan for you and are already reaping the benefits. I hope you continue to feel better and better and that scale keeps moving. Don't get discouraged if you see a much smaller loss... and then another big loss... and then slow down again. It will come in cycles! But I really hope you keep feeling so much better! I really enjoyed low carbing (it helped me to control my PCOS) but I don't do it anymore. But I've thought of cutting back lately -- I just feel like I've had too many. Today was ok, but could've been better. Progress not perfection!

    You got this lady! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you for always being so encouraging! I often worry about putting out there what I am doing for fear that my insecurities will allow the nay-sayers to sway me to stop. I so appreciate you and your positivity . . . and your wealth of information! That visual of a steak vs bread in a glass of water was totally a lightbulb moment for me, so thank you so much!! :) I hope you are doing well! I am trying to keep up on blogs again. I've been out of the loop for a while. :(

  2. If you go down my blog list on the side of people I read majority of them are primal and or low carb. If your not already reading them they might be a good source of info for you. Yeah you!! Great start!


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