Sunday, December 7, 2014

All the Photos for All the Moments

The last 3ish weeks in selfies photos

I did take selfies of course
Because I love selfies
Narcissistic much?

But of course not so narcissistic that I have to hog the selfies all to myself
I must include my gorgeous offspring also

And take terribly embarrassing photos of them
while they nap
and drool all over

But then you get a shot like this and it's like
what an angel

and then you instagram that thing to make it purdy-fuller

Said angel won an award at school for being
They apparently do not know my child
... I jest, I jest ...
sort of

Smallest child performed a song for parents and family
at their Turkey Day Feast
They even made their own pilgrim bonnets and vests

Oldest had a Turkey Day Party down the hall too

Then Turkey Day came
and I only took selfies
and selfies with offspring
and selfies with offspring and photobombing cousins


Then we decornated for Christmas
and yes decorNated is totally a word
I say so

And we began our 25 days of X-Mas Advent Calendar
Where the children are obnoxiously spoiled
with too many toys before Christmas
by my mom

We went to a Christmas Tree farm
where apparently we did everything but see Christmas trees
We were read a story
drank hot chocolate

Fed strangely shaved and post birth barnyard animals

Played follow the leader

Ran around like mini lunatics

road on a hay wagon

and of course, took more selfies with offspring

napped on the bus home

didn't nap on the bus home

Cursed at Hulu and Vizio
because my Vizio 'smart TV' is so flippin' dumb
It can't even communicate with the Hulu app designed for it
So I was stuck watching ALL THE SHOWS on my iPad

I flipped a boiling glass bowl of chilli on myself
and scalded my arm

I dressed up Mr. Pierce for Christmas

We talked to an elf and Santa on the NORTH POLE COMMUNICATOR

drank mas hot chocolate

ate some candy cane goodness

pretended to be a reindeer
... or in her case, a moose

had lots of love and hugs and kisses

Which brings us to the present . . .

Until next time I don't write for three weeks
The End

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  1. Nice photos and you do have a beautiful family. Take care and God bless. Leeman


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