Monday, December 29, 2014

By the End of 2015

We all do this
We all get to the end of any given year
and draw up our designs for the next year
as if on December 31st is our God given RESET button 

for everything wrong in our lives
so we make new resolutions
and we write them down
and we go over them and over them until they are ingrained in our brains

we talk and dream about how life will be different
and then we do what we said we are going to do for about
oh . . . two minutes . . .
and then our life resumes back to normal

I have had a new years resolution of weight loss since before I knew what weight loss meant
But this year I am not going for weight loss
(though the side affect of weight loss would not be snubbed)
Instead I am going for health

By the end of 2015 I don't plan to have:

- Migraines that bombard my life at least once a week
- Dizzy, woozy spells that leave me concerned wondering if there is something more serious going on
- Angina mixed with digestive upset that makes me think at times I am having a heart attack
- Fluctuating high blood pressure
- Dry dry skin on my elbows and ankles
- Swollen limbs
- Acid reflux / GERD
- Back/muscle/joint pain from the weight of my too heavy body
- Panic attacks / anxiety

What I plan to have by the end of 2015 is one simple thing

A normal, healthy, well rounded, uncluttered, significantly less stressful life. 
(with kids, haha, I know . . . pipe dreams are my specialty)

This will include (hopefully) :

- more time spent on my health; eating and exercise even if it isn't what everyone else thinks I should be doing
- more time spent with my girls; homework, games, puzzles, movies, laughing, giggling
- less time spent worrying about finances, the ex husband and health issues
- less time spent trying to control every situation so that my world isn't shattered
- more time enjoying life
- more time drinking sweet red wine
- more time drinking good flavored coffee
- more time enjoying my volunteer hours 
- less time stressing about who I am disappointing
- eliminating all toxic people from my life including on social media
(which I wasn't supposed to have been paying in the first place per our division of assets in the divorce, but hey, I am allowed to be bitter. It's still 2014)

And a few things I know WILL NOT happen in 2015

- I will not give up
- I will not let myself down
- I'll never run around and desert . . .

ok no more 80's music for me . . . (check out this LINK if you don't know what I'm talking about)

And if you want to read about other people's 'END OF 2015' aspirations, goals, and resolutions check out Juliette's Link Up Here or Amber's Link Up Here.

1 comment :

  1. I will not give up.

    I adore. ADORE. I think that attitude is the most important of all the things you wrote here because it's so hard to do, but it's SO vital. So many hearts to you.


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