Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dizziness, Fatigue, and Mood Swings OH MY!

I am sitting here on this evening of December 27th 2014 using my new (to me) laptop to blog while simultaneously watching The Good Wife on my old laptop. Truth be told I am not yet watching because the shockwave plug-in on my old laptop likes to die, a lot . . . all the time in fact which is why I was so excited to get this new laptop. So here I am rebooting, still . . .

Christmas was amazing. Very relaxing. Many smiles. So much love! 

A couple days before Christmas the girls and I went out for breakfast
My dad (who lives in Vegas) came to visit that day
with my 9 year old sister whom I had never met before

Do we look similar?

They stayed for 3 days 
we went to an indoor play park
we went to the Zoo Lights in Oregon
we went shopping
and we had family dinner with my grandparents and my aunt, uncle and cousin
On the 23rd we baked
and my sugar cookies came out absolutely delicious if I do say so myself
as did my plain oatmeal and oatmeal, walnut, craisin cookies
However the most interesting aspect of this baking day was not the baking itself
rather, when I got irritated and accidentally grabbed the oven rack
while the oven was on

this photo was taken moments after it happened
the white areas are where my fingers were burned
thankfully, the burns were not as bad as they could have been
my index finger took about four days to regain feeling
I burned my fingerprint flat which was weird
and strangely enough I burned the side of my middle finger

which has bubbled and blistered nicely as you can see
(I think it should be noted that to get this photo I had to turn my hand upside down and rotate it at an awkward angle . . . what bloggers will do for a photo - that post for another time)

Love for their great papa

The girls were ultra spoiled this Christmas
Dolls and games and gadgets galore
Not to mention Santa's presents
A vanity for Sassy and nostalgic cooking gadgets for Breezy

Sassy and Breezy demonstrating how to eat homemade cotton candy
from Breezy's new cotton candy machine

And speaking of cotton candy, and candy and cookies and crap food in general
(like my maneuver there into my next topic? haha)

I wrote about my 'fainting' spell a while back and I have come to the conclusion that aside from anxiety, my diet is a great contributing factor to how I feel and not just whether I feel good or feel like crap. But whether I can get in the car confidently and drive without fear of tunnel vision or woozy eyeballs. This past week on Christmas vacation has been an enormous eye opener to me about how the content of my nutrition really does affect my overall physical AND mental/psychological health.

I have spent the last several days eating all the festive things people eat during the Christmas holiday from breakfast loaves to cookies, candies, crackers, noodles, rice . . . essentially copious amounts of sugar and carbs in addition to meats and other fatty foods without very much fruit or veggies at all and I feel like absolute shiitake mushrooms!! Seriously . . . chest cramps - sometimes I think I am having a heart attack and let me tell you that is not something you ever want to experience if you haven't. Dizziness - it is a terrible sensation to feel as if your body is moving and your brain is going in the opposite direction. Mental fog - lack of clarity with a difficult time focusing. Panic attacks - from panic about the chest pains to panic about the what ifs of life to stupid crazy anxiety about things no person can ever control. Body aches, intense fatigue, moodiness, and honestly a plethora of other signs and symptoms that tell me crap in moderation isn't good. But crap in copious amounts is starting to feel lethal.

Now before this last week I had been eating the Primal Blueprint diet. I feel GREAT on that diet! No chest cramping, maybe one dizzy spell, no psychological or mental issues, body aches only associated with the size of my body and not the affects of the foods I am ingesting, and no mood swings. So, needless to say I will be resuming that way of eating.

And that my friends is that for now . . .

Until next time .  . . annnnnnnddddddd


  1. Really makes me wonder if you have PCOS. You have a lot of the symptoms! I guess we all took some time off during the holidays from eating, moving, and even blogging like normal! Here's to normal and routines! ;)

  2. It has crossed my mind (the PCOS) but I don't really have many of the main contributing symptoms. My periods are regular. Every 26 days on the dot. My fertility has never been a factor. Hello pregnant 1 month post miscarriage and 3.5 months postpartum. I don't have any pelvic pain nor abnormal ovarian cysts. In fact, if anything my periods are a lot shorter (4 days) and less irritating than they ever have been. No real increased hair growth. I have some but I always have . . . in any case you are right. Break time O.V.E.R. Back to it. Happy New Years!!

  3. I know I also feel like crap when I overload on carbs - I am working on a new meal plan for myself and my hubby to change our WOE, because we have been miserable.


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