Friday, January 9, 2015

Pain in the Frickin . . .

Don't the germs that are currently invading my body understand that I am the mom of two very active small children? I honestly don't think they do. Thankfully my high maintenance child is at school because right now I feel like my brains might burst through my forehead and my esophagus might just crumble to dust inside my throat. I seriously hate when one side of my nose is clogged while you are lying down and so you flip and for one glorious moment the pressure is relieved and then BAM! It transfers to the other side.

On a brighter note that does not include any of my maladies, WE MIGHT BE MOVING! My grandparents are looking to downsize and in the process will be UPSIZING the girls and me! I am stoked beyond belief. The idea is to sell their current house and with the profit (because they own their house outright) they will buy both sides of a duplex; one for them and one for us. I don't know if I can adequately express the overwhelming excitement I feel at the prospect of having my own space. I mean, I have my own space now and my little apartment is AMAZE-BALLZ bbbbuuuuuuttttt, to have my own space with my own kitchen and laundry room and where I can just BE without worrying about how my BEing or my girls BEing is affecting other is just something I look forward to with so much anticipation.

In addition to this, there are plans in motion to go to Disneyland by end of 2015 or beginning 2016 for 2 weeks! WHAT?????!?!?! Have I died and heard the most glorious news other than my Lord and Savior is returning??? Anyone who knows me, knows that I would live at Disneyland. I have only mentioned it a zillion and a half times on this blog. So, to go for 2 WHOLE weeks would be nothing short of earthly heaven for me!!

Now for a moment of contention!!
Yesterday I picked up the phone without looking at the caller ID and as usual, I regretted it. Note to self: ALWAYS.LOOK.AT.THE.FRAKKIN.CALLER ID

It was an automated man's voice and he said this:

Hello, this is Marshall Wallace and I am calling for (insert my mom's name here) We are calling you about a civil complain being filed against you. If you would like to handle this out of court before you are served please call XXX-XXX-XXX and reference this case number: XXXX-XXXX

I am beyond annoyed by this. I get these calls for myself, my mom, my step-dad and even once for my sister who no longer lives here and then of course for the tenant who lived here prior to us. And if you look up the CALLER ID number it goes to a 'Did this phone number call you?' site where people complain of the automated voice calling for the exact same reason. One man even called the number with his 'case number' and they wanted him to pay them an exuberant amount of money over the phone so that he would not be 'served and taken to court.' What has this world come to when we can't trust ANYONE because ANYONE can be a scam ready to rip you off?? It is extremely concerning.

Wheeewww, I feel a bit better about that now that I have typed it out and taken the burden off . . .

This has nothing to do with anything. He's just beautiful. 

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and for the first time ever bought coconut flour, arrowroot flour, coconut oil, raw honey, and goat milk kefir (for probiotics) that I will use in my protein shakes. Apparently I can make primal friendly bread with the flours I purchased, so I am super excited about that. I can honestly say I don't miss pasta or rice or pastries very much but I do LOVE me a good sandwich so I am super excited to try out the recipe I found for paleo bread.

And I've lost 10lbs since January 1st! Yay! My ankles are smaller (though not prettier, because after a year of having them all swollen and stretched out for God knows why the skin is super loose and dry. I look like I have 80 year old ankles. UGH) My clothes are fitting looser, and I bought some new shirts for my teaching endeavor (that you can read all about over at my new fangled blog A SPANISH ENDEAVOR).

On that note, I need some tea with my new raw honey and a cozy sofa with a pillow while Breezy goes shopping and to the park with her momo (my grandma) . . .

Until later peoplez

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