Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I used to do Link Up Confessions over at Vodka & Soda 
I would link to her
But she has poofed from the blogosphere
Now, Melissa, over at Making Melissa, and Laura over at Life with Lolo have taken the proverbial Confessions Scepter

I'd take it too if ^^ he ^^ were handing it to me with that look on his face

And thus continues the tradition of Wednesday Confessions
aka 'Humpday Confessions' or 'Hashtag Humpday'
Whatevuh you wanna call it!


 . . .  and so we shall begin

// I watch a lot of TV. Too much probably. So, of course, being the reality TV snob that I am I MUST watch The Bachelor/The Bachelorette and I was so so ((jumping up and down)) excited for Chris' season and now I realize he is exactly the kind of guy you hate to love and love to hate. He acts all kinds of naive and innocent and blushes at crazy inappropriate things that the girls do but he is out 'to get them all' ((insert conspiratorial and maniacal laugh))
errr. . . I'm really just NOT liking how he's kissing err'body in front of err'body. 
The ONE thing I do still really like about him is that he seems to be a genuine listener . . . that is an invaluable quality in a person . . . then again he could just be totally faking it and knows how to BS the girls and the camera really well! ((sigh)) 

// Like I said . . . these eyes watch a ton-load of TV and most of it is on Hulu. Hulu PLUS that is. See? I buy the spensive stuff! $8.99/a month ya'll! So, why do they have to do me like this? They stream only the first 5 seasons of my current favorite show (The Good Wife) and then cut me off for the most recent season! I could kill! I could cancel! But I will whine instead. Does anyone else feel me on this? I know that #thegoodwife is not the only show they do this with? 
Why are they (yes, that's YOU Hulu!) so sadistic??


// And speaking of Hulu! I hate! Hate! Hate! The constant and repetitive ads! I mean, like I said, I pay for Hulu Plus! Why do I still have to watch ads for horror movies (the genre that I loathe) or health insurance for a state I live NEAR, not IN. Then of course there are the baby diaper/butt rash ads and I'm thinking, hmmm, I wonder if that would work on my . . . NO! I will not allow them to suck me in! My children are too old for this! JEEZ!

// And then there is Parenthood. Why oh why are you leaving me? Don't you know you are! Don't you know you are like a fictional duplicate of my own family?? And so when you are gone forever, it will be like I am missing a piece of my own family! That is just CRUEL! I will so miss the Braverman family! #finalseasonblues

// I have a love-hate relationship with my wine lately. I want to drink it (not all the time) and I like it while I'm drinking it (cuz duh, sweet red wine is delish) but afterward I feel super warm and weird in my guts, which is odd considering I am no light weight and let's be honest. The wine I drink is more like grape juice, so I really don't understand why it makes me feel that way #firstworldwinoproblems #notalightweight

// The Bane Chronicles about Magnus Bane The High Warlock of Brooklynn by Cassandra Clare (the same author as the #mortalinstruments and the #infernaldevices) is frickin' fantastic and so hilarious! There are very few books I can read and literally laugh out loud to myself . . . this is one of them

// and just because the dude (Godfrey Gao) who plays Magnus Bane in the movie (The Mortal Instruments) is ridiculously hot . . .

// Sabaceous cysts are disgusting. I have had one for going on 3 weeks. Yesterday I noticed a little piece of skin peeling off (like a sunburn peels) and I pulled on it and . . . well . . . I didn't know blood spurted that far from a superficial cyst . . . YUCK! On the brighter, less yucky side, the cyst has been drained and will leave a dark purple scar right inside my armpit! I love being me!

// I feel really bad about the initial review I did of Teami Tea a couple posts ago . . . but I'm SUPPOSED TO BE HONEST, RIGHT?!?!

// Is it weird that my mom is taking me to see Fifty Shades of Grey when it comes out in February? Is it weird that neither of us are weirded out by going together?

// I am over the moon excited that my little sister is moving back to the house because BOOKS, WINE, MOVIES, AND LATE NIGHT TALKS! YES!

// I'm getting a headache trying to think of what else might be an good confession



Making Melissa

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. I am SO sad about Parenthood. I almost don't want to watch the LAST episode. :(

  2. There is actually an issue that some people have with red wine -- it's the tannins! Try drinking a red that is light in tannins or switch to white. I love me some dark wine (Malbec) but my tummy gets weird... and I can be in PAIN after. Sucks.

  3. I wish we could use those Tom Hiddleston images as the Sexiness on Humpday Confessions.
    Those ads on Hulu are why I can't do Hulu. I.just.can't.handle.that.shit. NO.

  4. Kathy is still around. Different blog name now. I'm annoyed by hulu. Went to watch an episode of a show I missed, apparently unless you play it's clips only now.


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