Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dos Dias Mas!

In two days I will be starting this Spanish teaching thing that I have been trying to do FOR - oh, like - EVER. And finally, on Tuesday I will be teaching kindergarten and first grade Spanish.

Let me just say here:


No, seriously, I am fuh-reaking out. Will I remember the songs? Will I completely blank? Will the kids think I am a complete idiot? Or worse, will the adults, the administration and the parents think I am a complete idiot?

I am teaching two classes where I know ALL.THE.KIDS and two classes where I know NON-UH-THEM. That freak-ith me out MUCHO!

Oh, and in case you're wondering. That is not the extent of my Spanish. I DO speak it. Fluently even.

But that doesn't take away from the first day, first time jitters.

You'd think working with 5 and 6 year olds, a 30 year old woman wouldn't feel so intimidated.

((insert annoying buzzer sound)) WRONG!!

I am more nervous now, teaching Spanish in my own country than I was in Mexico teaching English. I don't remember these nerves or near panic attacks or desperate feeling that I.AM.GOING.TO.FAIL.BIGGER.THAN.EVER.BEFORE . . .

Then again, I was 21 and probably felt invincible. I was American and was looked at like some kind of precious commodity to be had because I spoke English and Spanish and duh, I was AMERICAN. From the GRAN NORTE! I felt special because people treated me special.

Here, I am just . . . ME. Same person, nearly a decade later but who isn't sought after and who isn't receiving any special treatment because I possess something no one else has. I'm kinda thankful for that actually. I think my 30 year old brain wouldn't be able to handle the attention the same.

Anyway, TANGENT! I am great at flying off on TANGENTS!!

Stay tuned for all the fun times teaching kindergarten and first grade Spanish.

And PLEASE! Pray I don't die.

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