Monday, January 19, 2015

So, Like, I Have to Get Up Early Tomorrow?

I'm sitting here watching the clock creep past 10:00 pm and I know I should probably be sleeping but I just can't bring myself to do it. Instead, I'm sitting here reading blogs where people say the F word a lot and kinda giggling 'cuz I'm immature that way and sometimes I like the rebellion of reading the F word and not being offended by it. Now, when people say it to my face, I don't like that so much. But reading it on my favorite blogs sometimes just makes me smile. And no, I haven't had any wine tonight. This is a sober post.

I am kinda sorta not really looking forward to getting up in the morning. You know that feeling of lead in your eyeballs as you drag your butt out of the coziest warmest spot in the entire universe to the bathroom where you are jolted awake by the cold porcelain on your derriere. ~ I would actually like to buy a toilet seat warmer. I know they sell them ~ and all you can think as you sit on the toilet and almost fall asleep while your butt slowly warms the porcelain is that you just want to crawl back into the heaven that is your bed and pillows and blankies . . . this will be me in 8 hours. I've actually sat like that with my eyes half mast for up to ten minutes before realizing I was gonna be late if I didn't get a move on . . . maybe I don't need/want a toilet seat warmer after all?

I kinda sorta not really but actually wanted to curl my hair tonight so that tomorrow I don't look like Cousin It for my Spanish classes but maybe it will add to the comedic effect and the kids will remember the foreign words better.

"Oh yeah, I remember what Levantense and Sientense and Levanta la mano and Baja la mano and all those stupid things mean because Señora Freak Show's hair was out-of-control today . . ."

So, I poured a bunch of candy that I bought that cost way too dang much in my Disney Trivia Game tin and tomorrow when we play Paco Dice - which is like Simon Says - the kids will LURVVVVE ME cuz this Señora Freak Show brought CANDDAYYYY! And if they don't remember me for my hair, they will remember me for my candy!!

I really am just too lazy to get off my butt to go curl my hair. Let the kids remember me for candy or what-not. My hair is just a hot mess, bot to mention it takes like an entire hour to do it because I' . . . it is a blessing and a curse but mostly a curse.

As much as I hated being sick I am kinda missing the idea of sleeping in until . . . 11:00 am like the girls and I have been. Yes, you read that correctly. All three of us had been sleeping late for the past too many days and now I wanna stomp my foot and cry because all I want is my blankie and my pillow . . . but not yet because I still have to stay up pretending to do important things like a grown up so that I feel accomplished and productive and good about my life. 

Ok, I feel good now. I have accomplished a random and off the wall but not unamusing post that has sent you in a bunch of strange directions and on weird little tangents. I have stayed up past the grown up hour of 10:30 pm and now I am off to watch an episode or two of The Good Wife . . . cuz I have been a good girl . . . not a wife . . . I haven't been a wife in like 4 years . . . buahahahahahahaha!!

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