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Swollen Ankles and Floaters in My Tea

First, I would like to show you a picture of my ugly feet. Primal Blueprint can do this for you too! Notice how horrible swollen my ankle is in the photo on the left and how 'not swollen' it is on the right. I beg you to ignore my ugly misshapen toes. Thank you.

That being said, even when you have blogged for a certain amount of time and are aware to what points of the earth your blog has reached it is still often flattering when a company e-mails you, wanting you to review their product. I don't generally like reviewing products that have nothing to do with my blog but if the product is family or kid or weight loss related, I often feel compelled to try it. Thus is the case when a representative from Teami contacted me. 

They sent me a package of Teami Skinny (Oolong, Yerba Mate, Lime leaf Extract, Lotus leaf, Ginger Root, Dandelion leaf, Rhubarb Root), a package of Teami Colon (Senna Leaf & Root, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Lotus Leaf, Lime Leaf & Extract, Psyllium Husk Seed, Phaseolus Calcaratus Seed, Rhubarb Root, Poria Cocos Stem Bark, Valerian Rootand an adorable yellow tea infuser. 

The listed benefits of the Skinny tea are:

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Burn calories and convert food to energy
  • Burn fat and counteract fat storage
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Suppress appetite
  • Assist in the digestion of food
  •  Improve skin health
  • Improve quality of sleep 
  • Cleanse and detoxify the internal organs
  • Weight loss goals or weight management
The listed benefits of the Colon tea are:

• Detoxify and cleanse the body 
• Reach your health/weight loss goals
• Rid the body of toxic waste
• Improve quality of sleep 
• Improve digestion

I was so excited to try this tea. I had been weaning myself off coffee so that I was only drinking it a couple times a week. In place of the coffee I was drinking DeLish Peppermint Tea with raw honey but I was getting tired of the peppermint taste as well. I was so excited to try this new flavor. 

So, on January 11th I started the tea. I heated the water and filled the infuser with a TBSP of the loose tea and let it steep for several minutes. I am unsure if I did something wrong or if this is a normal occurrence when working with loose tea leaves but there were a ton of floaters in my cup. Not to worry, I thought, and pulled out my trusty fine mesh strainer to pour them out.

I then took a 1/2 TBSP of raw honey and stirred it in until it was completely dissolved. I smelled the tea which was wafting steam all around me and it smelled really good. 

So when I took the first sip I was a little surprised at how 'hearty' the tea tasted. It wasn't light and aromatic like the teas I was used to. It had a very bold flavor that I can really only associate with vegetation. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't very good either. I continued to drink it all. After all to properly review a product you have to give it more than just a sip's chance. 

The next day I did the same thing. Except this time I learned from the previous day and steeped the loose leaves in the water without the infuser and then just transferred the tea via my mesh strainer to another mug. I figured I would try the tea without honey to see if the absence of sweetness would make the robust flavor of the tea more palatable. Unfortunately, it did not. 

{I will insert here that I do not like strongly flavored drinks and in an effort to make the tea lighter I used more water and left the tea leaves in the water a shorter amount of time . . . this did not help. For tea lovers who enjoy a strong earthy taste to their tea then this is definitely the tea for you!}

Later that night I was instructed to take the Colon tea (and for every second night after that) I will admit once again I was not fond of the taste of the tea but because the tea itself came in material mesh packaging it was MUCH easier to steep which made me want to try it and like it. Despite the less than appealing taste I drank the Colon tea (without honey) and went about my evening. 

{I will insert here that I have never had an issue with using the restroom. I am as regular as regular comes. Perhaps it is TMI but I use the bathroom -and not just to pee- 3-5 a day. Like I said: R.E.G.U.L.A.R}

So, when I woke up at midnight with severe cramps I was at first uncertain as to why I was cramping so severely. I thought maybe my period had come but it would have been 10 days early. When I went to the bathroom I realized my period had in fact NOT come and so I sat there . . . and sat there . . . and waited . . . and agonized a little . . .  and after 15 minutes (of trying to distract myself from the pain by playing Hayday and reading my bathroom material) I could still not relieve the pain. I went back to bed and had one of the worst nights sleep since my kids were in diapers and woke up every few hours. 

The next morning I tried the Skinny tea again but my stomach was still cramping and the thought of the taste of the Skinny tea was not at all appealing. I decided to wait on the tea and drink a ton of water to try to flush my system. By noon I had peed several times but could still not 'go' and yet the cramping had let up enough that I thought I would try the Skinny tea again. I drank the whole thing, continued to drink water and went about my day. I noted that on that day I only had ONE (very small) bowel movement. 

The next morning I drank the Skinny tea again and flushed my system with water bottle after water bottle. The cramping had completely subsided and so I decided to give the Colon tea one more shot. I will say here that this day was the last day I drank the Colon tea. The cramping was so severe I could not stomach the Skinny tea the next morning. I could not stomach any significant amount of food the next day either and once again I had only ONE bowel movement (if it could even be considered one)

So, to the phone I took to call my doctor who gently reprimanded me for even doing a colon cleanse of any kind. Apparently, when doing the Paleo diet or the Primal Blueprint diet the flora in the small intestine self regulates, allowing the lining (toxins) of the colon to be shed adequately every three days. She said it was a bad sign that I had gone from having several bowel movements a day to less than one. She said the colon cleanse had upset the balance of good bacteria in my small intestine/colon. I was told to halt the colon cleanse immediately and not to do one ever again unless an interologist required one of me (as they had once for a colonoscopy)

And thus ended the review of the Colon tea from Teami. I don't know how other people respond to colon cleansing but apparently my body, on the diet I am on does not respond well to it. And I am happy to say that even though it took two more days, I am finally back to my normal several bowel movements a day. Sorry again if that is TMI . . . (#actuallynotsorry)

I am on day 12 of the Skinny Tea and while the I have become accustomed to the taste of the tea (without honey) I am not seeing any added benefits of weight loss or appetite suppressing or extra energy that I wasn't already feeling during the first 10 days of my Primal Blueprint diet. 

I will do a (shorter) final review on the Teami Skinny tea on February 11th. In the meantime please remember that my experiences are my own and that other's experiences have been completely different than mine. The good reviews are part of the reason I decided that I too wanted to review the product. In addition to the product given to me to review, there are also three other teas available (Energy, Profit and Relax) and the ingredients (especially of the Relax) look like they might be really awesome. I would suggest that if you want to try this tea that you purchase the Teami Tumbler instead of the Infuser. I think it would work out better for getting a better quality tea and that you could either drink it directly from the tumbler or pour it easily into a mug or cup. Also, use code KRISTEN10 for a discount and checkout!

Thanks for reading!

(I was not compensated monetarily for this post. The product itself was the sole compensation for my review. Any purchase you make in relation to this post may result in a commission to me from Teami. The opinions stated in this review are my own and are in no way any kind of medical advice. As with any weight loss product, please consult your physician before trying anything new)

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