Monday, January 5, 2015

T-24 Hours

Tomorrow is the day!
The day I will embark on a new journey!
The day I take a leap of faith in my own ability!
The day I willfully accept the responsibility of teaching not only my own children
but the responsibility of teaching 80 children!
Tomorrow I will see what I am really made of . . .

Geesh, you'd think I was going off to war or some other seriously respectable endeavor

Not going to a school to teach 80 five and six year olds how to speak Spanish.


Most of the anxiety has passed!

In an epiphany that came with being awake at 1:30 in the morning, trying to get my oldest to go back to sleep despite her first day back to school post Christmas vacation jitters, I realized I had been making it far too hard on myself.


(Not to be confused with simple and stupid)

And as it happens - because this post has transpired over almost 4 hours - I came up with a different meaning for KISS which is more kid friendly. 



I rock, I know. No need to tell me.

On that lovely narccissistic note, I am off to prep my things and my brains for class tomorrow.

Hasta luego mis peoples!

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