Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Case of Walmart and Stupid Because . . . DUH

I decided to purchase myself a treadmill a while back and I decided to help my credit by putting it on a credit card. The treadmill I wanted with the right dimensions and the right weight capacity (because hello, some of the weight capacities are 180lbs and I am still not *sadly enough* 180lbs) was $200 cheaper at Walmart than any other retailer and I already had a Walmart store credit card so I figured, perfect!

Then again, in hind sight, nothing about Walmart is ever perfect. I must have had a lapse in sanity.

Anyway, so I had picked out the treadmill a week or so ago and went online to purchase it. There was an offer for free shipping (SCORE) and $25 credit if I applied for the Walmart store or Mastercard. Well, obviously I already had the store card but I figured there was nothing lost with applying for the Mastercard.

I filled out the application and oddly enough was not approved for the Mastercard but for ANOTHER store credit card. Hmm. Odd. I shrugged it off and saw that the card was ready for immediate use so I clicked over to purchase my treadmill and this is kinda how it went.

I clicked Checkout.

Entered my shipping information. 

Clicked to confirm my order and was informed that I needed the 3 digit security code on the back of my card.

Now, remember, I have a temporary card and I don't actually have the card and in the paper they gave me to print out they didn't give me a security code.

So, I figure, well I will just use my old card. No harm no foul.

But every time I try I get an error screen.

Now, it stands to reason that if I am approved for ANOTHER store credit card that the other one would no longer work but it said ACTIVE and it told me my credit limit. So I tried 5 more times with the same result. 

So, like any inconvenienced American with a cell phone I called customer service and after sitting on the phone with the automatic selections for 5 minutes was promptly told that the customer service center was closed and to go online.


In fact, when I went to log out and back into my account, it wouldn't let me!!

To say I was a little frustrated would be a BIG understatement

But I am nothing if not persistent and so I kept trying to log in and 20 minutes later was rewarded!!

I logged back in and tried several more times on both credit cards to purchase my gosh darn treadmill to no avail. 

One card needed the security code and the other produced an error screen.


So, out of sheer desperation I entered the security code from my old card into the security code section of the new card and what'd'ya know?? 


Thank you Walmart for your bassackwards way of doing things
You never fail to keep me on my toes
Busy doing things I don't want to be doing
at all hours of the night
Whether is it looking at your PEOPLE OF WALMART website
(because who can look away?)
or TRYING to purchase your products

Oh and then I signed into my account today and BAM
Apparently they did take one of the orders last night and then cancelled it

Due to the fact that they also cancelled my original card
Or rather, they made it expire . . . 

When I clicked on the 'see details' portion of the canceled order it said
(Except it hadn't expired. It had just been replaced . . . Stupid, stupid, stupid)

Thanks Walmart for your effort in intelligence ... I mean excellence ...
OR lack thereof
Thank you so much

But as of right now my treadmill is being shipped to me . . . 
Yes, that green check mark moved as I was typing this post. 

Time to go find a place to put it

If it ever comes . . . 


  1. I get ordering it from there to save the moola. But... I HATE THEM. I have never had a positive experience with their online ordering. EVER.

  2. Fun fun! Enjoy it! I got ours a few years ago on clearance from WM. :)


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