Monday, January 12, 2015

Weight Loss by Means of the Plague

Normally when I get sick, I crave ALL THE FOODS! 
I am very much unlike everyone I know 
in that I do not lose my appetite when I am sick. 
Rather I become voracious and cannot get enough.
Especially pastas, sweets and chips. 
Don't ask me why, 
because my only logical answer 
is that somehow eating gives me comfort in my misery. 

That being said, my daughters and I have all had the plague . . . 
ok ok, a really bad flu
 . . . for going on five days now 
and amazingly enough I have NOT had a voracious appetite. 
I have not been hungry. 
I have not sought after ALL THE FOODS IN THE LAND. 
My fridge is not empty 
and I can safely say 
I am not in danger of gaining weight 
because I got sick while 'eating healthily' and ate too much. 
Nope, not this time!

On that note, I am sad 
because tomorrow is only the second week I will be teaching Spanish 
and I actually WON'T be teaching Spanish 
because of this flippin' flu bug! 
Fevers and coughing and body aches OH MY!! 
I am particularly sad because this isn't just like a job I go to to make money. 
This is something I LOVE doing 
and something the KIDS LOVE DOING 
and something I REALLY DON'T WANT TO NOT DO! 
Alas, the school will not take kindly 
to my great conviction for teaching the Spanish language clouding my judgement 
and my judgement says that with 101+ fevers 
I should probably not be at the school. 

And this is where my energy has petered out to
and I am basically left sitting here
staring and drooling at my computer screen
because I pretty much forgot what I was doing
I should head back to bed now . . .

Until later . . . if I survive this . . .

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