Sunday, February 1, 2015

Step Up {or in my case, just get up} Sunday

I am linking up with Kathy over at Him & Me (But Mostly Me) for her Step Up Sunday Link-Up.

Him And Me

I am avoiding an official 'weigh-in' type post until I feel better about where I am and what I will be posting, especially considering I jumped up so far above where I started before. I am still feeling embarrassed and non-committal to detailing my journey as it was so deeply criticised before (even though I was extremely successful). Hence, why there are no weight loss tickers or progress photos or weight loss links in the tab section. They are ALL there, hidden in the HTML of my blog, but for now hidden from the public. I think in the end (in 2010), the criticisms and my own self doubt was my undoing. Despite my loss of 55lbs there was constant berating of what I was eating, how much of it, how little of it, what I was drinking, what I should be drinking instead and my exercise and how I was doing it ALL wrong. I really started to doubt whether I knew what I was doing and whether I was capable of continuing to the end and ultimately I didn't. So I will keep my specific successes and failures private for the time being.

That being said, in Kathy's link-up she has several questions to ask about the previous week's eats and gains and losses etc. I've always loved me some Q&A.

1. How many pounds did you gain or lose?

This week I lost a total of 7.5lbs. WOOT! I am so excited to be progressing on the downward spiral of numbers on the scale. It is very encouraging to step on that scale and see such a loss. Make me want to do a little happy dance (or a BIG happy dance, as that would burn more calories) 

2.  How many inches did you gain or lose?

I haven't been measuring. I plan to start once I start using my new treadmill (IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TOMORROW) and using my weights. 

3.  Your weekly exercise or step goal, and did you meet it?

I haven't really established any goals YET. My new goals for after I receive my treadmill is to walk EVERY DAY. No rest days. The time I spend watching Hulu or Netflix can be spent walking on that treadmill (while I watch Hulu and Netflix) That is will be my first main goal. Every day. No specific speed or time. Considering my ankles, my bad knees and my previous severe lack of exercise, I just want to see what my body is capable of which means I WILL push myself but I WILL NOT push myself so hard that I make it impossible to complete my first goal. 

4. What was your biggest challenge this week?

I really struggled between 'counting calories' and 'eating primally'. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around having to count macros (grams of protein, carbs and fats) But I knew that eating wheat products made me swell like the New Years Blimp. So, I mulled it over for many days and played a mental tug-of-war between eating lower calories vs eating healthfully 'nutrient wise'. I ultimately came to a compromise of a conclusion. I cannot feasibly eliminate all wheat and sugar from my diet if my ultimate goal is to count calories to lose weight. After-all, counting calories is what worked best for me before. However, I will limit my bread, pasta, sweets intake while keeping my daily calories under 1500.

5. What is your favorite healthy snack or meal?

My favorite healthy snack is Blue Diamond Brand Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. They are a little high in sodium but for that salty crunch that a true chip addict craves they they are the perfect snack. I also love Frigo string cheese. My favorite meal is crockpot pot roast with peeled russet potatoes and carrots. I usually weigh out my portions but it is truly a good, well rounded meal and low(er) in calories for the quality of food.

6. Do you have any advice or tips for the rest of us?

There is no end game. In this journey of weight loss, weight maintenance and health there can be no end game. Live each day and make each choice dependent not on the the day that you will 'be skinny', or see that specific number on the scale but for health and well being for the rest of your life. Sometimes this is cliche and for people who haven't 'gotten the concept' it is very hard to grasp and fully understand.Especially when all they want is to fit in that certain size or that two piece bathing suit or see that forsaken number. Thankfully I was blessed with a potentially life threatening 'incident'. You read that right. I was BLESSED with a potentially life threatening incident that made me really evaluate my reasons for doing things and I realized that even though a thin, beautiful body would be the icing on the cake, the true necessity for my weight loss is health and longevity for my girls and for my quality of life. I hope anyone who is struggling through their journey eventually comes to this conclusion as well. The outward physical aspect is just the icing. Health, feeling good, feeling confident and knowing you will live exponentially longer making good choices should be the overall goal. 


  1. I love love love how positive you are! Good luck with your treadmill. I envy your determination in that respect, I just don't have it. Also - AWESOME weight loss!!!

  2. 7.5 pounds! That's so awesome!!! Good job girlie- keep it up!

  3. Great job!! I loved this post -- so positive! Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. I have to say I really agree with your post. It's about so much more than just being skinny! It finally took me hitting rock bottom to realize how much my bad choices are hurting me in the long run. Thankfully, it was the wake up call that I needed. I love your post and congrats on the weight loss!


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