Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful or Something

Once upon a time on a dreary Thursday a woman sat down to her computer to write a post about what she was thankful for and all she could think of were inappropriate things. So she sat and ruminated about true thankfulness while her oldest child bounced around her calling for her attention, asking to use the computer, asking to do tricks on the treadmill bars, asking if she could read her a story and generally making a nuisance of her six year old self.

The woman began typing, whatever words popped into her head and became frustrated when her thought was interrupted. She would erase it all and try again. All the while her six year old bounced around her with energy she could only dream about. Abruptly, the woman's stomach began to hurt and she made her way to the bathroom where the book she had been reading lay, full of magic and handsome warriors and fantasy worlds. She picked it up and began to read, all the while outside the bathroom door her six year old began reading a different story. Out loud. The woman found herself not only antagonized by her stomach pain but by the fact that she had to read the same sentence over and over again because her six year old's monologue was repeatedly causing her to lose her train of thought.

Eventually, the six year old was called away by her aunt and the woman was able to read and rid herself of her stomach troubles. Only to return to her computer with little more to write about than what she had previously. And as she sat and the moments passed and as she thought and thought in the silence, absent of her six year old's banter and antics, she began to miss them. Even though she knew the child was only in the other room she wished the little girl would come back and sing and dance and make noise again.

That is when she realized what she should write.


For my beautiful, crazy, funny, often obnoxious, but ever loving and compassionate, sweet, moody and fun daughters.

For their laughter and their crazy antics and that they are happy and they love to laugh.

For their physical health and ability to dance and run and jump and do acrobats on my new treadmill bars.

For the fact that they are so stinkin' intelligent it blows my mind.

For my family who loves them just as much as me and when I grow tired and weary they draw my girls in close and show them how much they are loved by so many.

For technology that allows me to document their lives. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a camera to capture each chapter.

And most of all for God, who blessed me with the care of these two angels.

I was particularly moved to write about how thankful I am for my girls because right now there are a plethora of people in the blogosphere and in real life struggling through infertility and baby loss as well as children born with or diagnosed later on with unspeakable diseases. While I sat, stewing in my own self-absorbedness (a word I invented) I hadn't stopped to realize that the things that were annoying me so desperately were the very things I should cherish more and appreciate more and truly be thankful for. 

Aaannnd for those wondering what the inappropriate things that crossed my mind in all my indecision were.

I am thankful for . . .

Gas . . . the human kind . . . could you imagine if our bodies weren't capable of releasing all the gasses? What would happen to us? What would we smell like?

Two ply toilet paper because I've had to use 1 ply before and no

Inappropriate .gifs that I waste hours and hours looking at

Netflix and ALL THE SHOWS because I don't waste enough time blogging, reading blogs, reading books on the toilet, or picking my nose . . . I actually don't pick my nose . . . well, ok maybe sometimes I do

Trivia crack because Netflix and Blogging and Reading and picking my nose are just not enough 

Authors who write about perfect men made of half angel and half demon who are dangerous and chivalrous and horrible in the very very sexiest way (Yes, that would be in reference to Cassandra Clare - I admit it, I am thankful for that woman and her books)

Funny 'News' like Gwyneth Paltrow's V-Steamer . . .  yeah, google that shizz 'cuz it is FUNNY

Lysol for ALL THE THINGS because I have kids and . . . well isn't that self explanatory?

Bathroom fans that send ALL THE ICKY SMELLS to icky smell heaven (after you spray the Lysol of course)

Mean people getting their comeuppance . . . you know you'd smile too if the girl or guy who always makes you feel like scum suddenly trips and falls on their face . . . into a pole . . .  covered in dog poop

I am a horrible person for laughing at this . . .

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  1. haha... I can spend hours looking at GIF's myself... & totally laughed along with the guy tripping. I always am the one who laughs when someone falls :)
    I don't think I've ever had someone say they were thankful for gas... but that's true... I'd rather fart away then explode... or roll around in pain :)
    Thanks for linking up :)


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