Thursday, March 12, 2015

Whether I Want to or Don't I Will

The title of this post is my new mantra
Specifically while I'm 'jogging'
during my C25K program that I started today

I read a post HERE on Katie's blog Runs for Cookies
And the fact that she admits that she doesn't "stay motivated"
She "stays determined" really resonated with me
It doesn't matter if you have inspiration
It doesn't matter if you are motivated
You either have determination to work toward a goal
or you don't
You either do what it takes or you don't

Even though 1/2 way through I didn't want to anymore
even though I felt like my lungs might explode in my chest
even though my legs felt like they might dislocate from my hip sockets
even though I kept thinking how much it SUCKED
Then I changed my thinking
Instead of ruining my determination with negative self talk
During the running I kept saying
"Whether I want to or don't, I will."

And now I am proud
Proud that I finished the first day
proud that I didn't want to and did it anyway
proud that I am one day closer to getting to my goals


  1. Thats a really great mantra to have!!

  2. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post! It's hard to keep in mind sometimes that we aren't going to be super motivated ALL THE TIME. I love the mantra!

  3. This is awesome. Good thoughts I needed to read.


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