Wednesday, December 9, 2015

That Time I Didn't Post When I Normally Would Have

I haven't posted since October, but you wouldn't notice because my blog has been private for an eternity or so. I on the other hand have been up to some stuff in these couple of months. Without writing or posting about it or discussing it at all I have actually been succeeding at this whole weight loss thing. The day of my 31st birthday I weighed around 365 lbs. The day after my 31st birthday I weighed in at 359.9 lbs. I decided that enough was enough. I have a trip in April I wanted to feel healthy for and I want to be ALIVE dammit!!

So the day after my birthday I re-opened my myfitnesspal diary, deleted ALL the old entries (some from as old as 2010) and started new. Myfitnesspal tells me how many calories I should be eating daily to lose the recommended 2 lbs a week and I have followed that religiously -- all but 4 days of these 8 weeks - The first day was Halloween where I did not binge but I did go past my calories and then again during the day before, the day of and the day after Thanksgiving. I had only planned to eat over my calories on Thanksgiving, but no one is perfect, right?

I am now down  16.6lbs in 8 weeks (real weight. I didn't count the initial loss) I have also made the leap to be more active and joined Curves . . . a gym of sorts that is only for women, uses strength training circuits, yoga, balance, dance and zumba. I sweat like crazy, feel my muscles working and am actually feeling stronger and good about myself . . . FINALLY!

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