Saturday, January 23, 2016

Recreating Me and Stuff

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. Ok, maybe not literally soul searching. That's weird. More like delving deeply into pondering my life and how I am living it and what I am doing right and what I can do better. I have also been a spectator to the lives of those around me. (Not in a creepy way) Those closest to me who share their issues and trust me . . . and I have caught myself thinking about their problems, how they often parallel my own and how we could fix them.

I have been eating well. I have my days where I want ALL THE FOOD but there haven't been days as of recent where the green monster emerges throwing it all to hell. In my last post I don't know if I mentioned how much weight I had lost. If I didn't it was probably smart of me, but I believe it was somewhere around 15 lbs. Now, more than a month later I still have only lost about 20 lbs and I believe that is sadly because CANDY, CHIPS AND EXTRA BREAD AT DINNER . . . even though I stayed within my calories of between 1500-1920. But as of a week ago I have eliminated white flour and white sugar (aka all that is good in life) from my diet after watching the 'Fat Head' documentary. In all honesty bread, pasta, candy and pastries aren't my go-to craving anyway and so to get rid of them isn't this monumental, ground breaking thing. I am really having to watch my intake of potato and corn chips though because they are technically on my 'ok' list of things to eat, but in extreme moderation. My brain rejects this ideology.

. . . and with that, I have been feeling tugged toward going back to church as of recently as well. We haven't been since before summer vacation (If I was Catholic, I suppose I would need to confess and do some hail mary's or something) and I really feel like it would be good for both the girls and myself. (as if that isn't immediately obvious -- to the fellow Christian) The human side of my rejects this idea, however, and complains, 'But then I'd have to, you know, GET UP ON TIME and GET DRESSED and (God forbid) LEAVE THE HOUSE.' I am still working on convincing that side of me that all of that is ok.

How adulting should be                      How adulting actually is

I recently went for a Spanish competency test where I found out I severely over estimated my competency. Thankfully, I am considered fluent. Unfortunately, I was not aware of how to say some of the medical terminology required of me and sadly the words for HEEL, CLOT, PIMPLE AND MISCARRIAGE completely evaporated out of my mind no matter how long I sat there and ground my teeth or scrunched my eyes closed trying to get them to come back. Needless to say, the interpreter company has not called me back. (insert sad face)

I always say I am hoping to write more in this blog and it seems I am really picking up steam with writing at least once a month! I'm gonna try to make it twice a month very soon. Until then . . .

Ohhh! Lastly, I am placing a countdown. Wahoo!! I am so stoked for April! Ticker


  1. HI Kristen, I can so totally relate to your blog this morning, well all but the Spanish part. I have tried to learn spanish but it is hard for me. Other than that you sound like me writing this. I am so excited for you to be going to Disney and I can so promise it is well worth all the money spent. I didn't get to go until I was 40 and it was like I was a kid in a candy store.

    Keep your head up and I look forward to seeing how you are doing and your weight loss journey is going. Mine hasn't gone so well. I have only been able to lose 15lbs in the last 8 months. I keep going back and forth with 5lbs, either I lose it or I gain it but it simply won't leave me alone.

  2. Hi Trina! I am so excited about Disney. I grew up in Socal so we used to go nearly every week. Now that I lift in the Pacific Northwest we dont get to go nearly as often but we will be going for 8 days in the park so YAYYY!!

    Thank you for the motivation and I am sending it straight back to you. We can do this and we can progress... as long as we don't move backwards we are doing well :) TY for your comment and I hope to read from you again. :)

  3. It sounds like you are making good progress in your eating habits!

    WOOO HOOO to April and Disney! I'm looking forward to April for warm weather!!!!

  4. We took the family to Disney World over Christmas 2015. Busy but Magical!! We love Disney and have been 3 times....secretly I would like hubby and I to go sometime alone ....just to be more relaxed about the whole trip, rides, eats, etc...

    1. There is literally no place on earth I would rather be. I imagine a Disney Date would be super amazing!! I hope one day you get to do that :)


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