About Me

Hi! I'm Kristen aka The Miscellaneous Mom

I am 29 (almost 30! YIKES!) years old and living the life of a single mom in this crazy, unpredictable and at times very scary world we live in.

My little angels who I will call Sassy and Breezy (that's what I actually call them but not their given names) are 5 and 6 years old respectively and being born only 13.5 months apart really makes them a lot more like twins than just sisters.

However, they couldn't be more different.

Sassy (below) who is entering first grade this year is my tall,  thin, spindly spitfire who has a short temper but a huge heart. She is sensitive and cries at the drop of a dime but is quick to comfort others, especially her sister. She's flitty and flighty and dances and sings to just about any music, especially when she can see herself in a mirror and has a microphone in her hand. She says she wants to be a rockstar when she grows up.

Breezy, will be starting kindergarten in the fall. She has finally almost caught up to her sister in height but is still the more physically solid, fast running, more easy going tomboy with a mean feminine flare. Not quite as emotional as her sister but with an eerie silent temper and definite stubborn streak she is quick to love but quick to assign boundaries to everyone around her. She is a horse and unicorn fanatic, who also loves gymnastics but has a definite abhorrence for swimming (even though she will tell you she is an expert)

Both my girls are a blessing in my life. They are kind to others, respectful (for the most part) and have a healthy fear of God the Father who they love with all their hearts.

I live in an apartment off my mom's house where she and step-father and our two crazy kitties reside. It is amazingly helpful yet amazingly difficult to live under one-ish roof with other adults. We all have our own opinions, our own ways of doing things, our own quirks and pet peeves. But my mom (and my sister who has moved away from us into the 'big city') are my best friends. Life would not be the same without them.

My grandparents live across the street from us and my aunt, uncle and cousins live just down the street from them. My late third cousin and his wife live(d) just around the corner and our extended family lives just a quick 20 minute drive across the city. We are an extremely closely knit family who is always there for one another. My grandfather - who is my favorite man in the entire world and who holds the bar (too high) for any man I meet - is my world. In my time of need and during my divorce, he decided to build this apartment I live in. It is small, quaint but comfortable and mine.

My relationship with my girls' dad is an interesting one; a completely unconventional situation to say the least. In 2009 I left him and my reasons were not only good for me at the time but Biblically sound. We remained married but separated until November 2011 when our divorce finalized even though he begged me to call it off. We didn't speak and were not on civil terms for quite a while after that. I was still bitter from the stress, anguish, anxiety, fear, and sadness he had put me through and he was angry because I had been awarded custody of our children, giving him only supervised visitation rights.

However, in April 2012, we had a reconciliation of sorts. I still loved him. I always did. He still loved me (or so he said) and said he always would. We lived 45 minutes away from each other in different states. He lived his life there; working, hanging out with the three nephews he lived with, and visited us weekly. I called him my boyfriend or my significant other. I was always tempted and often slipped, calling him my husband. Until July of 2013 I still felt like he was my husband by many rights and we had just had a very prolonged and difficult separation. But both fortunately (for safety reasons) and unfortunately (for the sake of my daughters' already fragile relationship with him) that emotional attachment was severed one fateful night that ended everything.
(Relationship-wise. No one died)

On a brighter topic, I am a huge nerd. I love science, and forensics, mysteries and adventure - unless it has to do with my personal life. I prefer all of that on the TV, the silver screen or in books. I am also a child at heart. I collect Barbies and animated Disney movies. Nothing makes me happier than buying a new Disney movie and sitting down with my girlies to watch it.

I love computers and languages and reading and writing - books, poetry, reflections etc. I wrote a book between 2009-2010 called Evanescent. The sequel is still in the works (ha! who am I kidding?) It's really just in the works in my head. I have only put my fingers to the keyboard a handful of times just to come away with nothing significant. I am however working on a different manuscript called Cattus.

I love cold weather and bundling up. Sipping a nonfat chai, peppermint or pumpkin spice latte while watching the snow/rain fall outside and having my girls flit and bounce around me is my idea of the perfect afternoon. I scrapbook, and knit on occasion (okay not for years now, but I do love knitting) and I am a procrastinator.

I get migraines, finger twitches (hello carpal tunnel - it's good to know I'm not immune while spending endless hours on my 5th appendage, my iPhone) and have stomach issues but I have no serious allergies unless you count the blood test that told me I am apparently allergic to peanuts, chocolate and coffee. (I can hear the collective gasp) I eat peanuts, chocolate and drink coffee anyway though. I love them! (Another collective gasp) I seriously could not live without a cup of coffee every morning and anyway, there doesn't seem to be any adverse affects from it (except maybe those darn migraines?)

My favorite holiday hands down is Christmas. I still find it a particularly magical time of year even though I'm not a kid anymore. Always a kid at heart they say?

I am a fan of way too many TV shows including but not limited to Parenthood (LOVE LOVE LOVE that show) Greys Anatomy, Bones, Survivor, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill and Desperate Housewives (even though they're not on anymore) Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Loser, Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad, Shark Tank, American Idol, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad (even though it's over - boo!) and oldies like Full House, Family Matters, Growing Pains and so many more.

I feel very strongly about politics and religion and am not scared to debate someone who has an intelligent argument. I will not, however, engage someone who likes to bash, insult or belittle my faith or political views.

I am a cat lover, a knick knack collector, a romantic yet a realist, a pessimist with a great desire to be an optimist. I'm sarcastic and quirky, strongly opinionated and overly emotional. Everything I feel manifests in tears.

Did I mention I can turn my feet backward? Which direction am I facing? Can you tell?

And lastly, I am fat.
I have been fat since childhood.
Food was always my best friend.
It didn't ignore me, abandon me, make fun of me, yell at me, taunt me, tease me or belittle me.
It made me happy when I was sad and helped me celebrate when I was happy.
I associated food with both physical and emotional comfort and was never taught differently.
As events in my life unfolded my comfort became my addiction
and between the time I graduated high school and the end of my first full term pregnancy
(a span of 6 years)
I skyrocketed from 200-ish lbs to almost 400lbs
Since then I have only seen the 200's (albeit high 200's) again between January - September 2010.
My goal now is to not only greet those 200's again
but to say goodbye to them in my rear view mirror of life.

**For a more detailed explanation of my weight history**
or visit the 
tab at the top of the blog

And the journey continues on . . .


  1. Can't wait to "stalk" you! :)

  2. I found your blog through the I Confess link up. I enjoyed reading your About page and learning more about you. I LOVE Parenthood and I am so sad it ended. :( I also love reading. Your daughters are beautiful and your dedication to them (through the couple posts I have read on your blog) is beautiful as well.


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